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April 21, 2017 Author of The Suited Monk, Raf Adams has announced that he will be helping people find their path in life through his books as well as coaching. Raf is a practical philosopher and a virtual mentor who has helped many high achievers throughout his career. The primary objective of his teachings is to help high achievers find their path in life both in life and business.

“I am not a Monk and I am not attached to any religion or philosophy or belief system.” Said Raf Adams, Author of The Suited Monk. “I believe everyone has their unique gift and inner power inside of them (MONK). I help my clients to discover their true self by connecting their dots and enhancing their self-awareness so they can be happy in their MONK and externally successful in their SUIT.”

Raf has helped over a thousand people over the past eight years and works relentlessly in finding and connecting the dots for each of his clients.

Raf has authored two books in The Suited Monk series. The first book is called ‘The Suited Monk’ written by Raf for everyone. The book is aimed at finding the life’s purpose as well as the true happiness by waking up the suited monk living inside everyone. In addition, the second one is titled ‘Suited Monk Leadership’ and it is aimed to help high achievers. The book is designed to help the achievers discover and cultivate the authentic leader inside them that will help them grow and succeed at exponential rates.

Raf Adams has been living in China for over a decade now. He not only helps people with leadership but also makes his contributions towards the community. Moreover, he mentors people regardless of their background and believes in permanent results. Unlike many of the motivational trainers and speakers of the modern era, Raf believes in long term and lifelong results with his amazing Suited Monk techniques that are proven effective. The reviews, feedback and testimonials of his clients are a testament of his success as well as effectiveness and many of his clients have shared their success stories in their testimonials on the website.

Further details about Raf Adams and his programs are available on www.suitedmonk.com

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