GLENDALE, CA – 21 Apr, 2017 –

Dear Jocelyn,

My name is Kevin Aksacki. I am a Polish, Brazilian, American Citizen. After WWII, my grandparents left Europe in search for a better place to live in peace! There, my parents met in the South of Brazil, got marry and I am the 12th.

In 1990 I came to this country to go to School as an International Student in Salt Lake City – Utah where I lived until October 4th. 1996 when I came to CA after Graduating in Computer Information Systems. 

In Utah my First Job was a DishWasher at Denny’s Restaurant located at the 72nd Exit off of the I-15 in Salt Lake City. I still remember until this day of my Mgr. Celest who hire me for my first job in America!

There I wash dishes for 6 month as my English improved I was offered a position as BussBoy, later Host, than Cashier and finally Server. Paid my way through College waiting tables at Denny’s Restaurant.

Here in CA I worked for FOX SPORTS TV on 10000 Little Santa Monica. Than I left Fox and went to work for DIRECTV in Marine Del Rey – Culver City. In 2000 after been laid off, I sold everything I had (My House in Utah, My Home in West Hollywood, my Apartment in Brazil and my inheritance from my parents properties back in Brazil in order to invest in our my Dream of becoming a Restaurant Ower! 

After 17 Long Years in the Restaurant Business 7 days/Week Lunch and Dinner it is starting to take a toll in my Health. In 2013 I had a Flying Accident, broke both of my legs, 6 month in a Hospital and 7 Surgeries later I walked again pushed by my desire to walk!

Nowadays, standing on my legs all this hours is not so easy anymore! I will be 50 Years Old on September 11. Now, besides the pain in my legs, I am also dealing with High Cholesterol and just last month I was Diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My Physician Dr. Bidsen suggest that is time to pass the Battom of this Super Stressfull job to the next person!

So we put our Business for sale! I have to! Is my life at game! My Health. So a Russian Armenian is highly interested in buying. The mood is very sad for I am selling my Child and the Carousel of emotions is very hard to explain and I find myself crying just thinking of the moment of leaving and not returning at least not to work.

So GOD intervened. Sent a very nice Employee name Melissa – Bartender to see me. We set down. We talk and GOD Spoke through her when she brought up this idea by saying: “Kevin, everyone is very sad that you are leaving. You are the best boss that one could have!” 

“Everyone is also concern about the new owners coming in,  learning everything and than get rid of the people who have been here from the beginning of our story. Or they may just scrap Gauchos Village and open a Frenchise of some other big chain Restaurant and all they may all loose their jobs!”

“You have an amazing team here and why not offer them to all get together and buy this for Themselves?”

And this is how all of this started. Knowing that all of them would have a hard time getting a Personal Loan to invest will be very hard so we are here counting on the goodness of the Great People of America to help this amazing Hard Working group of people to become owners of the business in which they have been working for so long!

Amist all the stress that Us – The Latino Community is enduring and will endure even more during this Government, it is with a Hearth Full of Happyness that we think this is the only way we could do the Right Thing!

Describe who will benefit: All Gauchos Village Employees who have been with the Company for 5 Years or more!

Marcos Munos
Silvana Valeria A Duda
Nidia Capistrano
Anderson Lucas de Barro
Adilson Carlos Fernandez
Mario Gallegos
Emmanuel Gutierrez
Guyane Krikorova
Angelino Perez Marinez
Melissa Mackenzie 
Robert Zambrano and 
Ricardo A Alves 
Joao Wurth
Herica Vicentin Simon

Detail what the funds will be used for:

Our Business was listed for $1,25M. We reduce the price to $1M (minus $250.000.00) in order to make it easier for them to get this amount of anything close to at least 20% of this amount as we will have a Bank landing them a Loan in order to pay for the rest of it. But we are hopefull that people will be moved by this and will come out to Donate for this beautiful Cause / Story!

Explain how soon you need the funds:

As soon as possible so I can pass this business onto them and go take care of my healt and medical needs!

Talk about what the support will mean to you:

It will meant a lot for me as we will make sure that the DREAM that I started in 2000 is very much alive today and buy doing this will guarantee the continuation of our beautiful story until now, with a much incredible future as everyone who work here will own a piece of this dream that happen with the efforts of each one of us here!

Share how grateful you will be for help:

It will meant the World to me to be able to do this for them, for me and for the Future of what have together created here – Gauchos Village will still goes on. It will be me, one pair of Eyes passing my Job, Responsabilities to 15 of them instead of only one! Imagine the Successfull they will be!

I am looking forward to hear back from you.

On the 27th of this month, there is an Event happening here at Gauchos Villaga – The  Glendale Latino Association Network – when we will anounce the News!

Have a wonderful day!

Kevin Aksacki
Owner / President of Gauchos Village INC.
323-997-0620 Cell
818-550-1430 Main Line

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