Kriketz – The First Live Reaction And Vote Broadcasting Software That Merges The Power Of Questionnaires And Live Video

The fact that video posts on Facebook live videos are watched three times longer than regular videos has proved that live video is the trend in 2017.

Unfortunately, not everyone always has the time nor the willingness to go on camera to engage their viewers in order to get them to click their call to action. Setting up a live session can take a lot of time; therefore, not everyone has the time to prepare for a live video and set up all those sophisticated streaming applications.

Understanding the problem, Griff and his team have worked and released a product named Kriketz which is the first live reaction and vote broadcasting software. The producers have merged the power of questionnaires with the power of live video so that it can handle all the broadcasting for users and as everything to help them get started.

Let us now take a look at some vital features of Kriketz software. Read on to find out more:

• Massive Live Engagement Powerhouse
• FB LIVE Comments Poll
• Proprietary LIVE Reactions
• Built-In Automatic Broadcasting
• Heightened Possibility of Viral Videos
• Keyword-Based Comments Polling System
• Shoutout Texts Inside The LIVE Stream
And much, much more…

With KriKetz, users have the ability to broadcast a live video with an active question and get their viewers to vote with FB reaction. Moreover, users can choose to leave their video recording equipment aside and set their voting video within a few minutes. After that, their video will automatically stream onto their timeline groups and pages. Whether it is just one or multiple groups or pages, their followers will directly be notified that they are live in their notification speed and urge them to take a look.

Moreover, with an attractive design of questions and the ability to click the right reactions to cast their vote, users will be able to boost their FB marketing. By including call to action, users will have the power to get their viewers to act immediately, drive their followers to their pages and groups without any advertising spin and engage their audiences as well as let their post go viral.

By using Kriketz soft, users can go live on Facebook, vote with reactions, switch on auto-sharing and commenting, and design their questions with their favorite backgrounds and sounds. Users can even personalize their posts to engage their viewers instantly.

The product is designed to be easy to use as it only takes three simple steps to run the software. All users have to do is set up their campaign, stream their live video, then engage their audience and go viral.

According to the software’s creator, Kriketz system is for those who are into FB in engagement and getting people that respond to things on FB. Marketers can use Kriketz to laser-target any niche including Internet marketing, sports, health and fitness, self–help and all the hot trending topics.

For more information, you could see Kriketz app review in detail.

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