Opportunity4Kids Saves Afterschool Program After Funding is Cut!

PHOENIX, AZ – 21 Apr, 2017 –

Opportunity4Kids is stepping up to provide necessary funding for an afterschool program serving youth in-need in Tucson. After a devastating, impromptu budget cut was announced on 3/28, the POPPKiDZ afterschool program was told to immediately stop services.

This program serves 26 youth, 5-7 years old, participating in the ACHIEVE Program at Donaldson Elementary. Each student must earn the privilege of participating in the POPPKiDZ program by maintaining their ACHIEVE goals, including improvement in grades, attendance, and behavior.  The POPPKiDZ program has been available to these students on their early release school day (Wednesday) since August of the 2016-2017 school year.

Donaldson Elementary is a Title 1 school; this designation affords them additional services for their students because of the high number of low-income families and low preforming students in their student base. A majority of students attending the POPPKiDZ afterschool program have parents who are underemployed and the opportunity for out-of-school time programming is something they could not afford on their own. The POPPKiDZ afterschool program provides essential child care services needed by parents on early release days and also teaches lifesaving swim skills.

“Arizona has the highest number of residential pools in the country! Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children ages 0-4 and the number two cause of accidental death in children ages 1-14,” says Marydale Moore, Program Director at POPPKiDZ. “The swim lessons provided by POPPKiDZ in the afterschool program are lessons they would not receive otherwise and may, in truth, save their life or that of another child one day.”

Upon hearing about the Program’s loss of funding and abrupt end to services for these at-risk youth, Opportunity4Kids saved the program by providing the necessary funds to continue. Teaming up with Donaldson Elementary, the ACHIEVE program and POPPKiDZ, the afterschool program will be able to finish the school year and give these youth the opportunities they deserve!

Opportunity4Kids is holding a press conference in conjunction with Donaldson Elementary and POPPKiDZ next Wednesday 4/26 at 2:30pm at POPPKiDZ: 2045 W Omar Drive Tucson Arizona 85704. We plan to discuss this pressing situation, as well as allow parents and children the time to share their story.

About Opportunity4Kids

Opportunity4Kids is organized to change the lives of children; to foster out-of-school time and extracurricular participation; to promote healthy and active lifestyles; to further mental and social development; and allow equal opportunities for all children. By providing financial assistance, equipment and uniforms to underprivileged youth, Opportunity4Kids levels the playing field and helps everyone participate. 


POPPKiDZ provides a comprehensive, progressive collection of Aquatic classes, workshops, and training for students of all ages and skill levels. The signature POPPKiDZ ‘learn to swim’ curriculum offers each student developmentally appropriate, crucial lifesaving skills, the knowledge and confidence to evaluate and survive a water emergency, and the resources to develop into a strong independent swimmer for life.  Supporting programs include drowning prevention education, swim team, camp programs, and family activities uniquely designed to develop gross and fine motor skills, improve endurance and cardio function, build critical thinking pathways, encourage kindness and compassion, recognize the importance and value of discipline, respect, and community involvement.

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