Earth Day and Coal Ash Recycling

SEFA Celebrates Anniversary of Environmental Stewardship on Earth Day

LEXINGTON, SC – 22 Apr, 2017 – As Earth Day 2017’s Campaign of Environmental & Climate Literacy begins, The SEFA Group celebrates its 41st year of environmental stewardship. An innovative leader in fly ash beneficiation, SEFA is reclaiming and processing coal ash from ponds for recycled use in concrete, permanently removing coal ash from the environment.

With a commitment to environmental responsibility, SEFA developed its proprietary STAR® Process, a thermal beneficiation technology, in 2008. STAR® Technology is a process to remove carbon and other impurities from coal ash, producing a high-quality, consistent mineral material that can be recycled into concrete. Concrete producers use the premium mineral material in the construction of roads, bridges, and buildings because it improves the durability and strength of concrete projects and results in a higher-quality finished product.

“Our innovative process is designed to provide our ready-mixed concrete customers an uninterrupted supply of recycled fly ash by utilizing and eliminating ash currently stored in ponds,” explained Jim Clayton, SEFA’s Chief Operating Officer. “It’s a sustainability win for our customers, the environment and future generations.”

Through partnerships with utility and concrete companies, SEFA has recycled over 20 million tons of fly ash which otherwise would have been disposed in landfills or ponds.

About The SEFA Group

The SEFA Group, a privately-held company celebrating 40 years in business, is a technical service and solution provider principally engaged in processing and marketing environmentally responsible products derived from fly ash for the concrete industry. A significant part of the business involves the use of SEFA’s proprietary STAR® Technology to process fly ash. In addition to fly ash sales and STAR® operations, the company provides services and products to customers through SEFA Transportation, SEFA Industrial Solutions, and Spherix® Mineral Products.

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