LivetoFitness Reviews The Best Slendertone Ab Toning Belts

Panama City, FL – Finding the right fitness workout can be difficult because everyone loses weight and tones their body differently, it can all depend on the person, their lifestyle and their body type. Routines work from person to person and it’s hard to tell whether a workout program will work or not, even with exercise equipment. No one wants to waste their time on a workout that doesn’t work, especially if they have to buy expensive equipment. That’s why LiveoFitness reviews the best slendertone Ab Toning Belts available in the market today for the customer’s convenience.

“LivetoFitness is a website that provides detailed reviews about exercising products, equipment and most specifically, ab toning belts.” Says Jessica Kramer of LivetoFitness. “The posts on the website include some of the best Slendertone ab toning belt and other product reviews including features, pros and cons of each product and enough info to let someone know if a product is worth checking out or not.”

With LivetoFitness’s most recent reviews on Slendertone, an electronic ab belt that has been making waves in the exercise equipment industry, it’s sure to get people back into toning their bodies. Slendertone is a company dedicated to not only making getting into shape easy but less frustrating and expensive. One could pay monthly to go to the gym, spend countless dollars on bringing the gym to them with expensive equipment or take a chance working out for months with a routine that may or may not work. With a Slendertone ab belt however, all one would have to do is check out a few reviews from LivetoFitness to decide if this product will work for them or not.

The Slendertone ab belt products that they have reviewed so far are as follows: Slendertone Abs 3, Slendertone Abs 5, Slendertone abs 7, and Slendertone Abs Connect. Each product has been tested with clinical approval and has reviews on the website. They indicate if the product is FDA approved and provide a price range for each product. The website ( also list all of the extra accessories in the package that customers who have purchased the products have reviewed as well.

The website provides reliable and trustworthy Slendertone belt reviews because of not only the detailed descriptions of each product but the number of honest reviews from people who have purchased these products. They have dedicated their time and effort into informing the public of whether a product is worth the investment or not.

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