Good news for dog owners as Pet Poopie Pouch hits the market

Product provides easy way for dog owners to pick up after their dog

Walking around with a bag of dog poop is not fun at all. It stylishly takes the fun away, and can lead to shorter dog walks for people who just want to have a great time with their pet.

Pet Poopie Pouch is a new product designed to help dog owners who walk their dog handle poop the clean and comfortable way. The PPP is made of water resistant PUL material, and comes in a few different patterns such as “Denim,” “Burlap” and “Camo.” The pouch is lined and has a Velcro closure, which keeps the used poop bag securely inside while on the walk. The pouch easily attaches to a dog leash handle with a decorative dog bone carbonara.

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“As a dog lover all my life I hate carrying a bag of dog poop around on walks. Why does society accept people walking around parks, beaches, neighborhoods and city streets with a bag of dog poop? Yes, it is the responsible thing to do as a dog owner, pick up after your dog, but there must be a better way. This inspired me to design a cleaner, smarter approach, thus the Pet Poopie Pouch was born,” said Cyndy Cotton, CEO of PetPoopiePouch.

Pet Poopie Pouch is highly beneficial for those who want to improve the fun when walking their dog. With PPP dog owners don’t have to carry dog poop in their hands anymore because it is hands-free. The PPP easily attaches to the leash, so that it doesn’t touch either the owner or the dog. It is waterproof, wipeable and washable, offering an everlasting product that is reusable. Dog owners can hook on extra bags or place inside the pouch, and a hand wipe is included in case a pick up goes out of control.

“As a dog owner or lover, I feel this is the best product about dog care I have ever seen. Picking up poop after my dog has been a serious issue for me, but you know, you get used to it. This product not only solves the poop problem but help to improve the relationship between my dog and me, as I have nothing to distract me anymore,” said James T, a dog owner.

Every order comes with a free emergency pet info sheet, hand wipe and pick-up bag.

About PetPoopiePouch

PetPoopiePouch is a product that makes picking up after the dog easier. It offers many benefits and comes in variations that satisfy customer needs. PetPoopiePouch offers a better way to walk dogs.

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