Crowdfunding “Rewards” Could Lead to Danger

Entrepreneurs offer meet-and-greets, but who’s showing up?

Crowdfunding efforts like Kickstarter campaigns generally come with gifts or premiums for various levels of donations. In fact, the websites encourage people to offer progressively bigger and better gifts for larger donations.  One of the more expensive rewards has become the meet-and-greet.  But this may present a problem.

If someone takes you out to lunch and over pays exorbitantly for the meal, they may be expecting more than just a meal. Just because the title ‘business lunch’ is used does not mean there may not be additional expectations. These types of rewards may be starting a dangerous trend. Meet and greets are unsafe for both parties, especially if one is female. It is a gateway introducing sexual exploitations into the crowd funding arena which can be interpreted as prostitution, just 21st century style. Who is held accountable if something bad happens during the meet and greets because the parties expectations were different?

Risa Green, Director of Sales at VisiWear LLC, is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new product Stainless Steel Jewel Straps where she offers a reward to meet someone anywhere in the U.S. for $1,000 and anywhere in the world for $2,000. “A male professional can invite a male or female to a business lunch and it’s just a business lunch. If a female professional does the exact same thing, why is it assumed that it is not just a business lunch as well”?

In 2002, Vice-President Mike Pence told The Hill that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either. While he may not be the only man, or woman, who follows this ideology, should his opinion be forced onto the masses?

Understandably, establishing cross-gender mentors, or just office buddies, can be awkward. When mentors and their protégés are of different genders, they socialize less outside of work and work relationships are harder to initiate because of worry others will misconstrue their friendliness as sexual interest. However, the way to overcome that problem is not by avoidance. The solution is to normalize men and women interacting professionally, in a non-sexual way.

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