Introducing Wear My Values, a Line of T-Shirts to Better the World

In turbulent political times, it is important to keep a sense of community and support. Here to help do just that is a new line of graphic T-shirts named Wear My Values, giving general and genuine support to all whose eyes they grace.

In the past year, the political scene in the United States has become rather divisive. The consequences have ranged from lawsuits to violence, serving to deepen divisions between sides. The evolution of the political environment in D.C. has been a difficult change of pace. In times in this, it is important for all people to maintain a sense of togetherness and look deeper, beyond political nuances; after all, everyone is simply just doing what they feel will be the best for this country. To help foster this sense of togetherness one company named Wear My Values has launched a line of T-shirts dedicated to creating unity and support for all people.

The T-shirts themselves feature a variety of designs, all of which were chosen to promote unity, respect, and other core human values. The designs range from promoting the acceptance of all into our daily lives to embracing patriotism, something everyone can appreciate, no matter their political opinions. To get these bold points across, the designs incorporate the colors red, white, and blue as well as symbols like lady liberty and a bald eagle. With these designs, passers-by will notice the messages that the shirt promotes and be given a light and inoffensive reminder to be kind and accepting of others, and to look deeper, beyond politics, beyond hatred for the country.

However, the team behind Wear My Values believes that they need to do more than simply send T-shirts out to the public. For this reason, for every T-shirt sold, thirty percent of the profit will be donated to a beneficiary organization as official support from Wear My Values. In this way Wear My Values can make double the impact for every shirt sold. As an added benefit, all Wear My Values production is conducted inside of the USA, keeping jobs within the country and furthering the nation’s economy.

However, to begin mass production of the next wave of Wear My Values T-shirts, the team needs funding. To solve this problem, the Wear My Values team has begun accepting pre-orders for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, users will be treated to promotional stickers, discounted shirts, and more. With this support the Wear My Values team hopes to further unity across the United States, making the country and the world a better place.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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