Urban and Beyond Premier Properties is a world-class luxury real estate firm specialized in a variety of services revolving around the real estate business. With services ranging from, searching for homes to purchasing houses, selling homes to the furnishing and interior decoration of homes, Urban & Beyond Premier Properties is a brand that perfectly combines exquisite services in a single package; the brand is continually expanding into other cities including: Fort Worth, Texas; Houston, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia.

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From residential apartments, to luxurious corporate housing, their special concierge services and urban apartments, Urban & Beyond is the organization that is designed to surpass your expectations in housing, interior designs and decorations. With a team of highly seasoned real estate professionals and concierges, they are geared towards helping you acquire the best apartments or homes in Dallas. They also offer a total make-over of your homes, through their concierge services, where they work assiduously to understand their clients’ individual needs and reproduce their clients’ imaginations of their homes into reality.

Apart from the aforementioned services, they are also experienced in the art of complete constructions of homes, Urban & Beyond possesses the expertise and cutting-edge tools, links, connections and other resources necessary for top notch cost cutting construction. This is particularly suitable for home builders and clients who wish to cut costs by personally building their homes from the beginning to the end.

At Urban & Beyond Premier Properties, a robust and successful support relationship exists between their real estate partners and their clients. They are unlike the tradition brokerage firms where agents compete with one other for business; they have adopted more of a partnership model that allows agents work together to ensure that clients get the best possible service.  Employing only the best real estate professionals within the state, they have made it their mission to find you a home with the perfect combination of amenity features, exciting location and style that perfectly fits your personality and desired way of living.

Urban & Beyond Premier Property extends far “BEYOND” what the traditional firm offers, with their in-house concierge team, which is available for you before, during, after and their ‘beyond our initial help’ scheme. Their overriding mission is to surpass the current traditional standards through innovative and excellent lifestyle services to their agents and clients. Therefore, if you are thinking of choosing a more urban style themed home or would prefer choosing a modern style apartment home? Is building your home right from scratch to completion what you desire in order to save cost and input your personal style and taste? Perhaps, yours could be inviting Urban & Beyond’s home designing services to completely overhaul your home’s outlook, giving it a totally new ambience, choosing a style that suits your taste.

Whatever housing and home designs or decorations that you need, trust Urban & Beyond Premier Properties to deliver “BEYOND” your expectations.

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Phone: 214-810-2787

Email: info@UBPremier.com

Website: www.ubpremier.com

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Company Name: Urban & Beyond
Contact Person: Jerrica Brown
Email: info@UBPremier.com
Phone: +1 214-810-2787
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