Popular Features in Dragon Awaken

Since its launch in March, Dragon Awaken has gathered over 50,000 active monthly players. Dragon Awaken’s community has invited players to fill a questionnaire to know them better and find out what are their favorite features between the multi-player events, PvP features and challenges, gameplay and storyline and its high quality graphics and designs.

Popular Features in Dragon Awaken

Multi-player Cooperation

Friends and alliances are important in Dragon Awaken. Players will need teammates if they want to get through the several multi-player dungeons. A multi-player dungeon needs from 2 to 4 players and challenging them with friends and other players will provide the players with special rewards and bonuses. Fortunately, the flexible team matching system allows players from different servers to team up together and create pretty solid teams to challenge the dungeons. Players can also change their formation depending on the battle and switch their skill trees to adapt to their enemies’ weaknesses. Players can become a Duelist, Mystic, Cleric or Paladin as they like with a simple skill tree change.

Another positive point of player cooperation in Dragon Awaken is the friendly community. Most players will be more than happy to welcome newcomers and share their strategies or team up in multi-player dungeons. A friendly community is always a key for an online game, and Dragon Awaken players are surprisingly nice and well behaved. The events happening in Dragon Awaken’s official Facebook page are also focused in player interaction and teaming up to benefit the whole community.

Classic PvP Features

There are two main factions in Dragon Awaken: Amity and Supremacy. They have different interests and players will be able to join any of them. Joining a faction will offer players different benefits and extras. Factions allow players to meet other players with the same goals as them, they can team up to obtain resources, participate in PvP battles and try to weaken the enemy Faction. Inside the Faction players can also compete with each other in different rankings and helping to make the Faction better and bigger.

Arena in one of the main PvP features in Dragon Awaken. Players can participate in 1vs1 battles to reach the top of the rankings and improve their rank. They will also receive points and other rewards to help them to become stronger.


There are different functions and option that players can explore in order to upgrade their characters and become better. Apart from limited time events, players can challenge different dungeons to obtain resources like: Mount Trial, Wings Trial or Hero Dungeons. Challenging dungeons will give players experience, special items and all kinds of materials to improve their armors and weapons. Dungeons include the option to play in different difficulties and are designed so all kind of players can participate. Dungeons are also a great way to get used to the battle system and find the skill specialty that works better for them. A great feature about Dragon Awaken is that players can advance at their own pace and under their own terms without feeling restricted.

High Quality Graphics

The 3D rendering engine works as its best with the battle effects and graphics in Dragon Awaken. Characters, maps and buildings are retendered in 3D and give the game a fantasy atmosphere. There’s also a great variety of mounts, enemies, costumes… that will make customization easy and fun for players.

Dragon Awaken Official Website: http://www.dragonawaken.com/

Dragon Awaken Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Dragon-Awaken-Community-400342230298496/

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