Robert Gadimian Reveals Possible Key to Alzheimer’s Prevention

LOS ANGELES, CA – 25 Apr, 2017 – Robert Gadimian, founder of Rophe Pharma, has revealed that EHT may be the key to preventing many diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

EHT, developed by Dr. Jeffry Stockin at Princeton, is derived from coffee. It well-known amongst the medical community, that people who consume large amounts of coffee are at lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. EHT is thought to be a major component of this phenomenon.

It has been shown to regulate and protect PP2A, a serine/threonine phosphatase commonly deregulated and deactivated in a variety of cancers and other diseases, as well as neurodegeneration, which causes both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.   PP2A is responsible for regulating the tau protein and mediating the majority of its phosphatase activity in the human brain. The tau protein typically stabilizes microtubules. Regions of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s disease have revealed alterations in PP2A – in its protein regulation, catalytic activity, subunit expression, methylation, and phosphorylation patterns. Increased phosphorylation of PP2A causes a dysfunction in the tau protein.

This dysfunction has been proven to play a major role in worsening neuron function and the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. As follows, EHT’s regulation of PP2A will presumably halt this development and reverse the degeneration of neuron function.   “PP2A is involved in the regulation of many cellular processes, including metabolism, cell cycle, and DNA replication, growth and apoptosis. EHT’s ability to protect and stabilize PP2A makes it enormously beneficial,” said Mr. Gadimian. “For example, PP2A is a confirmed tumor suppressor protein. What happens in many cancers is that PP2A is genetically altered or functionally inactivated; so theoretically, EHT’s stabilization of PP2A will help prevent the development of those cancers.”    

Dr. Stockin, founder of Signum Biosciences, might conduct clinical studies on animals to confirm these findings.

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