Helix House Reveals 3 Secret Automation Tools for Better Marketing

Phoenix’s leading digital advertising agency Helix House has shared another batch of tips to help others work smarter and more efficiently in the marketing world.

As a key player in the digital marketing area, Helix House knows the importance of hard work, endless creativity and critical thinking for success in the industry. Any habits or tools that can help deal with daily tasks more efficiently are welcomed. Years of work experience and dedication have allowed Helix House to discover the best strategies to stay ahead competition by increasing productivity.

When it comes to the subject of productivity there can be two topics of discussion: one is the topic of increasing the efficiency of the time spent working. The other is about techniques and methods for decreasing the overall workload. Basically, a “work smarter not harder” approach. One way to start working smarter is to automate tasks which require less personal attention. Recently, Helix House Scottsdale shared 3 automation tools to lighten the workload, in order to give you more time to focus on the tasks that really matter.

The first is social media management with Hootsuite. Not only does it provides one platform from which Helix House can manage all of its clients across each of their individual social media platforms, but it is also a powerful automation tool which helps to save time.

The second automation tool is Mailchimp, for email marketing. While this can be very profitable, it is a marketing strategy that is labor intensive. Significant resources have to be invested in crafting strategies, building, curating, and segmenting the lists, creating visual assets, copywriting and editing, coding, style, sending the emails and responding to them. Mailchimp provides several automation options that can reduce the workload for some of the tasks.

Helix House’s final suggestion is to use Marin, a cross-channel advertising platform. For the company, Marin software has become one of the essential tools. It empowers marketers to manage daily workflows efficiently, identifying new revenue opportunities, and improving financial performance across leading publishers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. It help to maximize the clients advertising budgets through predictive biding which incorporates contextual data, machine learning, and What-if analysis combined with customized, flexible rules that are set by the company.

With these three suggestions, Helix House Scottsdale shares their acquired knowledge and strategies that have helped them become leaders in their industry.

Helix House offers a broad range of digital advertising and digital marketing services. Their customized services include website design and development, paid search, retargeting, email marketing, brand management, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, direct mail, and e-commerce management. As a Phoenix SEO company, Helix House has organized workshops on SEO and social marketing for startups. They have a long list of customers that include Parker & Sons, Hastings & Hastings, and Jacoby & Meyers Law Offices.

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