A new car loans company – the Car Loans Bank – has been launched to offer customers with bad credit the chance to finance their car purchase.

“We have worked hard to create an offer which provides customers with all credit ratings to access finance that they need, at attractive rates and with an immediate lending decision. We also work with a large panel of trusted lenders for a truly quality of”
The Car Loans Bank has been set up in response to growing customer demand for finance products that allow them to buy a daily essential for work and life – a car.

The Car Loans Bank has been set up in response to growing customer demand for finance products that allow them to buy a daily essential for work and life – a car. 

Many customers end up with bad credit for a range of reasons – from late payments through to a default. The process to rebuild that credit can be lengthy and difficult and in the meantime it is often very difficult to access the vital finance that most people take for granted.

This can make it very difficult to buy big ticket essentials such as a car. Where bad credit car loans do exist, they are often on unattractive loans and may not be offered by reputable lenders.

The Car Loans Bank is changing this with a new offer designed entirely with the needs of bad credit car loans in mind.

A trusted, quality offer

The Car Loans Bank offers quality, reliable loans using a trusted business model. Customers get to deal with a professional, efficient online lender without complex applications or intrusive processes. A simple online form is enough to begin the application, which is incredibly quick and easy. In fact, Car Loans Bank has designed its bad credit car loan paperwork to be the simplest in the industry.

Attractive rates

Car Loans Bank is committed to offering bad credit car loans at attractive, affordable rates and with payment plans designed around customer needs. As well as offering customers the ability to buy a car, the finance package also offers them the chance to rebuild their credit rating, by managing loan payments reliably and on time to improve their credit history.

All credit scores considered

Car Loans Bank works with a trusted panel of quality lenders who will consider customers with even the lowest credit scores and provide an appropriate product for them. The application process is open to all and Car Loans Bank will do its utmost to find the right loan product for all customers seeking car finance.

Instant approval

Unlike traditional high street banks, Car Loans Bank is rapid and efficient – meaning that customers get an immediate decision on their application rather than needing to wait around. The funds are then instantly available to complete the purchase.

A high tech solution

The cutting-edge website is built using the latest security software and encryption protocols for a safe, hassle-free process. All customer data is kept completely confidential for peace of mind.

A spokesperson from Car Loans Bank said: “We are hugely excited about bringing this quality new bad credit car loans offer to the market. Our customers tell us that they want the chance to buy a car and to access quality loans that allow them to rebuild bad credit, while having an affordable way to pay for one of life’s essentials – a car.”

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