SPARE Gives Small Businesses Access to 1 Billion Dollars (and more)

The future has arrived! A new company has created an iPhone app that allows consumers to easily access cash from their bank accounts via any cash register without paying exorbitant ATM fees

SPARE turns any cash register into an ATM. The SPARE mobile network simplifies safe access to your money by employing a unique security system to allow convenient and less expensive access to your cash using your iPhone and ApplePay (and now, Bitcoin).

For Consumers

Let’s face it. There are days when you don’t want to lug around a purse or wallet all day, but still, decide to take your iPhone with you – and it could happen that you might need some cash in hand. With SPARE, all you need to do is spot a business with a cash register, present your secure QR code, and get your cash.

Which can make the difference between having the ability to purchase that adorable painting being sold at a roadside stand by a child artist, or walking away empty-handed.

Don’t have a bank account – no problem

Use your pre-paid debit cards, upload to ApplePay or your favorite wallet in SPARE and access cash in the network. Soon, SPARE will also offer the ability for its customers to scan checks and access the cash their community-based cash network.

Simply download the SPARE app for iOS and be prepared for unexpected cash purchases

If you’re into Bitcoin but aren’t easily able to access your funds, you’ll be pleased to know that SPARE is presently allowing for Bitcoin conversion.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to use SPARE for secured transactions on the go

Whether conventional banking or Bitcoin, accessing your cash couldn’t be simpler:

• Login, enter your amount, find the nearest merchant on the SPARE map   

• Get a secure QR code   

• Go to selected store, approach the cashier and present your secure QR code.   

• Once it’s verified, get your cash!

For busy people on-the-go, SPARE has you covered anytime you need to make a cash purchase!

For Small Business Owners

SPARE provides increased foot traffic and higher sales by turning any cash register into an ATM!

Get rid of that bulky and costly ATM and instead of paying high merchant fees to a bank, SPARE pays you to provide new or existing customers with cash!

• Dispense cash directly from your register into the hands of your customers
• Increase foot traffic at your store by 5-20%
• Reduce the liability of having too much cash-on-hand
• Lower merchant-pay costs while increasing your revenue

SPARE opens up your store to a completely new kind of shopper, the QR code cash pickup shopper who never knew your store existed prior to locating your store on the SPARE app.

Which gives you, the store manager, the opportunity for more sales via compelling in-store signage or attractive point-of-sale displays.

SPARE brings new visitors to your store with the possibility that they may return later in the week or month to redeem another QR code, or to take a closer look at the merchandise or services you offer.

WAIT! Where does the $1B come in you might ask? In 2016 the three big banks made at least $1.1B on ATM fees ( This does not count for the other fees and surely not all other banks within the US market. So we can assume that the amount of fees paid by consumers is arguably MUCH higher than the $1B goal that SPARE has set. SPARE is a utility app for small businesses to seamlessly add an additional revenue source. As reported by the company, the average user request cash 7 times per month at an average of $40 per transaction. With the average ATM fee at $4.57, SPARE comes in at a bargain at an average of $2.50. 


The SPARE team has a mission to make access to cash cheaper, more secure and convenient than using the ATM. We move the cash within the community – join us!

Media Contact
Company Name: Spare
Contact Person: D\’ontra Hughes
Phone: 310-683-2353
Country: United States