420 Science and Green Ocean Trading Ink Caldwells National Distribution Agreement just in time for 4/20

Denver, CO, USA – April 26, 2017 – With a little tongue-in-cheek timing, the latest cannabis startup, Green Ocean Trading from Boca Raton, Florida launched a national distribution deal with Austin, Texas industry veteran 420 Science, beginning April 20th. Green Ocean Trading is the sales arm for Caldwells (www.caldwellssob.com) the first of its kind, recyclable, disposable, discrete smoking device for the burgeoning cannabis industry. Green Ocean’s sister company, Model Row Investments, holds an unusually strong national and international patent on this device. This patent was noted by the tobacco industry as recently as December 2016 for its unique and broad allowances by the USPTO. Industry veterans are hailing the Caldwells line of products as a quality based discrete and green solution to the cannabis user on the move.

While 420 Science will hold thus far the broadest distribution agreement in the US, technology platform Gluu will also offer the Caldwells ‘one-hitters’ in all Gluu stores, and Green Ocean Trading has a distribution agreement via an Amazon agency as well as selling direct to the public via its own website. Green Ocean Trading has also come up with the concept of ‘Strain Flights™’ which allow dispensaries and growers to highlight multiple strains they carry in one specially designed, pre-loaded package.

Caldwells are the brain child of burgeoning cannabis entrepreneurs Robert Born and Chris Davis, both of Boca Raton, Florida. “As a person on the move, looking for a discrete and environmentally solution in the world of smoking devices, I saw an unfulfilled need in the industry. Thanks to a friendship with Chris Davis, we were able to develop and patent what the industry tells us is a needed product in the industry. After a year of product and packaging development, and working with the USPTO, we are able, and proud, to launch our product with a US distribution partner of the caliber and breadth of 420 Science.”

Co-founder of Austin, Texas based 420 Science, Matt LaPrairie had this say about the partnership, “We like the product (Caldwells) and feel it is going to do quite well in the one-hitter category. Since there’s nothing like it, we see a lot of potential and we’re excited to make it available to our online customers and for our retail partners to carry Caldwells in their shops and dispensaries.”

For more information on Caldwells, check out any store that carries 420 Science’s large array of products, or buy straight from their website at www.420Science.com

About Green Ocean Trading, LLC

Green Ocean Trading is the sales and operational sister company to cannabis industry design and investment firm, Model Row Investments. Beginning in Q4, 2015, these two companies hold some of the strongest patents in the explosive cannabis industry

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