Milton Barbarosh Offers Experienced Advising Services to Florida Businesses

Clients Obtain the Correct Strategy for Growth Critical for Survival in Today’s Unpredictable Economic Environment

Milton Barbarosh has a vast amount of experience to draw on to provide companies with the financial services and expertise they need to meet a wide diversity of objectives. He uses in-depth consultation to advise them on the methods they need to use for corporate expansion and reorganization. His efforts through Empire Global Advisory Services, LLC, have continued to expand and become more refined for an increasing client value. The services Barbarosh has offered clients throughout his years of service has made the names of Milton Barbarosh and Empire Global positively recognized and respected in public and private capital markets in the U.S. and abroad.

Businesses that are lagging behind, experiencing minimal success, or who have experienced a default are just some of the clients that can benefit from the services offered by Milton Barbarosh. He also has a great deal of expertise in the types of business transactions that will help to expand an existing company. The goal of any business should be to grow and increase its profitability. Even those that have undergone serious setbacks to their development will need to have a solid plan for going forward and turning the business into one that is more successful than it was before.

Milton Barbarosh has established a career in the fields of asset management, equity credit lines, corporate loans, factoring and debt restructuring, purchase and sale of business, and joint ventures. He knows every area of financing business owners will encounter from the time they begin a new business until they are working to expand their offerings through additional services or through the acquisition of additional businesses.

Regardless of which phase you are in with your company, Milton Barbarosh has the financial expertise to help you achieve the goals that you have set. Contact Mr. Barbarosh today and see why so many businesses throughout the United States and abroad have come to respect his level of expertise and the impact his advising services have contributed to their companies.

About Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh is a certified public accountant and licensed business valuator providing services to companies in the state of Florida. For the past 25 years, Mr. Barbarosh has been advising businesses in mergers & acquisitions, financing, valuation, and accounting. His areas of expertise include asset management, purchase and sale of businesses, corporate loans, equity credit lines, joint ventures, factoring and debt restructuring. In 2011, Barbarosh founded Empire Global Advisory Services, LLC, to continue the successful investing and services. He has the experience and skills to help businesses grow in spite of our challenging economic environment.

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