What item is the worst to be forgotten at home when on a vacation?

LOS ANGELES, CA – 27 Apr, 2017 – There is nothing worse than finding out at the airport that you forgot your airplane ticket or your passport at home. But there are also other little items we tend to forget which then make our holiday or trip much more difficult.

Here is the list of things we usually leave without and regret it later:

Phone charger – we usually do not forget our phones as we are constantly using them. But forgetting a phone charger could mean several days spent without the connection with outer world!

Toothbrush – it is an essential part of our daily hygiene routine but it is so easy to forget! You might obtain a new one practically anywhere when travelling to the city but you definitely would not like to spend a week of camping without it! Toothbrush also needs a toothpaste to go with it.

Pajama and underwear – clothes and shoes are easy to remember and pack as they take quite some space in your luggage. But it is easy to forget something smaller like a bra or socks. Also, do not forget to take a separate bag for dirty clothes!

Medication – this one could cause much more trouble when forgotten at home. It may not be easy to get a prescription for your medication abroad and even if you manage you could spend a lot of money on them. Be careful to pack every pill, vitamin, painkiller, spray or cough mixture you might need during your travels. Also, it might be good idea to take enough for your entire stay plus a day or two.

Personal hygiene products – are you used to one type of shampoo? Or do you use a moisturizer twice a day? Do not forgot to pack anything which is hard to get or/and you cannot be without during the holidays. You may consider packing some extras, like sun bathing crème when going for a beach trip or repellent when going camping.

It is generally more common to leave without something small, easy to overlook. That is why it is recommended to pack those tiny items into bigger compartments. That way they are not only hard to be left behind, but also nicely organized, not to be lost and easy to carry around. You can pack your electric devices and their accessories separately, you might use the biggest luggage compartment for clothes and shoes. And the best storage for your cosmetics is a large toiletry bag.

Have safe travels and do not forget anything!

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