In March 2017, the Perfume Class 2017 has been launched by “xiujuexi”, meanwhile, its first O2O store will open in Shanghai. “Xiujuexi”, the professional perfume buyer has completed the gorgeous transformation from online to offline. Through conducting exhibition and perfume class, “xiujuexi” is not only a perfume distributor but also a perfume culture communicator.

As is known to all, the price of one bottle of high quality perfume is expensive because of the brand value and the unique design of the bottle. Through individual packing, “xiujuexi” is successful in reducing cost of each bottle of perfume, which means the customer may spend less money to get more kinds of high quality perfume. This brand new concept of consumption is more and more popular during the youth.

Nowadays, E-commerce platform is main distribution channel to “xiujuexi”. Through this platform, each production may attract a larger consumer group within a shortest time. However, since the competitors could take this advantage of E-commerce platform as well, the top priority for “xiujuexi” is to discover its own unique competitive advantage. Instead of casting barriers, “xiujuexi” is choosing open communication actively.

In 2016, through attending ESXENCE EXHIBITION MILAN, “xiujuexi” won high reputation in the international market. Good relationship with international suppliers ensures that “xiujuexi” has the unique product categories which are completely different from other national competitors.

“xiujuexi” class

FRAGRANTICA, the perfume magazine, conducted an exclusive interview to the founder of “xiujuexi” in the same year.

Meanwhile, the perfume exhibition held by “xiujuexi” every year, is the other reason attracted FRAGRANTICA to report. From 2010, the exhibition has been held for 6 years. Plenty of perfume lovers gain latest information from perfume fashion through this exhibition.

As an ambassador of perfume culture, “xiujuexi” organized the perfume classes in order to delivering perfume knowledge attractively and professionally. More than 400 person-time participated the class. Next, salon store, the best social circles between perfume lovers will open very soon.

Under a series of measures for enterprises development conducted by local government, the team of “xiujuexi” obtained great interests from many investors successfully. In the future, “xiujuexi” will put more effort in seeking out business opportunities on how to combine corporation innovation with consumer demands perfectly.

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