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Psychic Readings Sydney – Roosy Spirit
Recognised psychic and clairvoyant, Roosy Singh offers professional psychic reading over phone to help clients gain better clarity and understanding of their lives.

Sydney, New South Wales – April 27, 2017 – Roosy Spirit, a renowned service for psychic and tarot readings, provides phone psychic reading services to help clients obtain guidance whenever and wherever they want. Recognised psychic in Sydney, Roosy Singh aims to offer a professional reading that delivers clarity and motivation for people to move forward in life.

Roosy Singh stated, “Psychic readings give you an insight into your past, present, and future through your own personal guides or my Spirit guides to help see a clear picture of what’s going on within and around you. Many issues may come to light when having a Psychic reading. It can offer clarity and guidance as well as help enhance your life with more meaning and provide available paths that you would be able to take in the near future.”

Phone psychic readings in Sydney are offered at varied price points to suit everyone’s budget. The service is offered from as low as $60 (for a session lasting 15 minutes) all the way up to $200 (for sessions lasting an hour). It would cost $75, $110 and $150 for phone readings lasting 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes respectively.

As phone psychic readings are accessible to anyone, the service can be obtained anywhere outside Australia too. No matter how the service is obtained, Psychic reading can be a pleasant experience if the psychic is coming with his or her heart in the right place.

Apart from phone readings, Roosy Singh also provides other services such as tarot readings, spiritual readings and counselling, psychic parties, energy healing sessions, Workshops and more. All such services shall be conveniently purchased via their online shop with payments securely processed through PayPal. You can also call Roosy directly on 0413831196 to book and pay for your readings.

“For an accurate reading to be performed, a great degree of skill and knowledge is required as well as the ability to interpret certain information. Psychic readings may involve the use of psychic ability, mediumship, channeling, numerology, spiritual counseling, pendulum and tarot cards when reading for my clients. I am a clairsentient and sense certain vibrations, energy and or aura’s while communicating with a client on various levels,” Roosy Singh stated.

Roosy Singh is also a professional member of The International Psychic Association. With unique psychic readings, Roosy Singh has helped several people to obtain answers to their burning questions in life as well as get guidance.

About Roosy Spirit:

Roosy Singh is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Claircognizant offering acclaimed psychic and spiritual readings for clients.

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