Reduce coding errors with automatic date code calculations

Many soft drink bottlers need to place a date code, lot code, and expiration code onto their tray packs. A large number of bottlers continue to use outdated low-resolution valve coders and roller coders to accomplish this. However, using these unsophisticated machines requires frequent human interface with the machine resulting in keystroke and other human errors averaging 31 uncorrected keystroke errors for every 1000 keystrokes.

Many times, these errors result in incorrect date codes being placed on the tray packs and require the rerun of the batch to correct the error. Utilizing the CYCJET “B” Series High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer, the customer Hand Jet Printer Price can meet low case coding cost requirements. In addition, by using the B3020 industrial inkjet coding machine the customer can simply scan a barcode to completely setup the system for coding.

Customer Goals:

1. Eliminate Human Input errors

2. Simplify batch changeover process

3. Maintain or reduce box coding costs

The current coding equipment that the bottler uses is a low-resolution valve inkjet system. As the system is limited in its variable coding capabilities, the operators must manually key in all data that is printed on the tray pack. Because different products have different Laser Engraving Machine expiration time periods varying from 9 weeks to 52 weeks, the operator must identify and correlate the correct expiration date with the product that is going to be produced.

This human interface with the controller is time consuming and in some instances Continuous Inkjet Printer results in keystroke and other errors causing the wrong expiration code to be printed on the tray pack. When this occurs, the bottler must correct the code on the errant tray packs.

Proposed System: In order to reduce the human interface, the customer will utilize the advanced date and time code options in the Marksman Pro. The Marksman Pro will automatically calculate all codes and store these formats by product code. In order to “call-up” these formats for printing, the operator will use a hand scanner and simply scan a barcode on the individual soft drink can. The B3020 inkjet printing system will receive and start the corresponding task, previously created and stored, for printing on the Tray pack. The

CYCJET Continuous Large Format Inkjet Printer inkjet printer will enable the customer to retain low per box printing cost while beating the coding quality of the low resolution valve printer.

Goal Analysis:

1. Human Interface errors such as keystroke errors were Large Character Inkjet Printer virtually eliminated through the use of the sophisticated control of the date and time codes available in the Box Writer Pro software. The customer simply defines each product in the editor with the appropriate code and settings.

2. The batch changeover process is extremely simplified. The operator only needs to scan the individual can with the PSC hand scanner. The Marksman Pro does the rest of the work setting up the code for printing within a matter of seconds.

3. After Hand Jet Printer Price varying the Height and DPI of the code applied with the high resolution print head of the small character inkjet printer, the per box coding cost were nearly identical while beating the quality from the valve printer. After factoring in previously encountered human errors and related costs, the customer has quickly reaped the benefits of using the error-free CYCJET Industrial inkjet printing system.

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