Maptasks Reports Continued Popularity of Project Collaboration App

Mapping Tool App Experiencing Rising Number of Professional and Enterprise Users

Maptasks of Map Dynamics Limited has reported their project management and project collaboration task management app is continuing to be downloaded by a growing number of professional and enterprise users. The app, available in free and subscription plans, continues to experience an influx of users who wish to utilize the tools that connect team members and clients as well.

“We are really pleased with the number of Maptask users that have been signing up and using the app recently,” commented a company representative. “It’s evident that Maptasks is a very efficient tool to assist in sharing data for project management and project collaboration. There is a universal demand for secure mapping of task management so that teams can work together. We are honoured that so many are trusting Maptasks to meet that need.”

Maptasks, is a web based app, available across all platforms, that enables professional and enterprise users to work together using project management software. The program provides secure data sharing and file transfers and has been praised as one of the top collaboration tools available by a number of experts in the field. The continued record amounts of users signing up attest to the fact that the app for sharing data is growing more popular.

The purpose of Maptasks is to allow mapping and collaboration to come together for those working in the field and those who are working with multiple entities. It provides project and task planning with the use of maps and satellite imagery and allows users to plan tasks easily using the app. The service assists surveyors, building and construction management and employees and those who work in environmental and conservation companies, emergency services, planners of all types, demolition groups and businesses focused on clearance, redevelopment and design.

Maptasks features a number of team project solutions. By using satellite imagery coupled with a wide range of mapping tools, social interactions, databases and various other means, sharing data is made simple and practical. Project organization is made possible by assignments given to team members, live conversations within the team and notifications when projects are completed. Information may also be shared with clients.

The app was developed with the goal of taking the kinks out of project management and project collaboration. Security risks and lack of accuracy are areas Maptasks has tackled to make their app superior to anything else out on the market – Maptasks is certainly one of a kind.

“Collaboration has never been easier, safer or more accurate,” a company representative said.

More information on the task management app, Maptasks, and to find out where to sign up to a free or subscription plan for professional and enterprise use can be found on their website.

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