NeXT Revival has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Revive Computing Experience

The Revolutionary Personal Workstation is Coming Soon for Everyone: Now Seeking Community Support on Indiegogo

NeXT Revival is the revolutionary concept of reviving computing based on the startup that the legendary Steve Jobs once created when he founded Apple Computers. The concept is to launch an all new assembly line for the NeXT Company that is currently defunct. The project is now seeking community support on Indiegogo and is raising funds with a goal of €200,000.

Once launched, NeXT Computers will supply two kind of workstations for its customers. One is going to be the ‘Pizza Box’ and the other one is going to be the ‘Cube’. In the first batch, the company will create 250 units each for both the designs and aims at revolutionizing and reviving the personal computing like never before.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at:, and it offers pledge levels from €450 to €1650, with perks and rewards ranging from a ‘The Pizza Box’ workstation to ‘The Cube’ workstation. The company is currently welcoming generous support from everyone on Indiegogo.

About NeXT Revival

This is a revolutionary startup following the footsteps of the legendary Steve Jobs and the Paris based French company will create two workstations.

One will be shaped like and called ‘The Pizza Box’ while the more advanced one is called ‘The Cube.’ The company is now seeking support by crowdfunding this startup on Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to back it.

Media Contact
Company Name: INIKO Consultants
Contact Person: Jean-Marc INIKO
Phone: +33665727122
City: Pontarlier
State: Doubs
Country: France