NULASTIN Uses Groundbreaking Science to Create a Miraculous Rejuvenation Therapy for Skin and Hair

LOS ANGELES, CA – 4/27/2017 — It is a sad fact of nature that, as we age, our skin loses firmness, elasticity and fullness, while our eyebrows and eyelashes thin and lose luster. It is only with the latest biomedical breakthroughs, that we now understand this is due to the discontinuation of elastin production after puberty.  Elastin is the missing compound that keeps skin and hair youthful, vibrant and beautiful.

Following years of research, the co-founder of NULASTIN and world renowned microbiologist, Dr. Burt Ensley has identified the protein that stimulates production of elastin in the human body.  This protein called ElastatropinÒ is the key ingredient in the revolutionary NULASTIN line of FaceCare skin, lash and brow enhancement products. These products also contain KeracyteÒ Youth Complex, a proprietary blend of patented proteins, peptides and antioxidants that restore youthful beauty.

Already hailed as a giant leap forward in facial rejuvenation, patented NULASTIN has been proven to restore a youthful appearance to skin, eyelashes and eyebrows in just 12 weeks. NULASTIN founder and CEO Leah Garcia affirms that her appearance was utterly rejuvenated after only three weeks, and early adopters echo her hearty endorsement. Produced by facilities in Sedona, Arizona, NULASTIN line of FaceCare products are manufactured in the U.S.A. for optimal freshness and effectiveness. NULASTIN is backed by a lifetime performance guarantee—if you aren’t completely satisfied, return it for your money back!

NULASTIN is the result of the pioneering efforts of Dr. Burt Ensley and his team, who not only identified the key compound in skin and hair renewal, but designed the process for recreating it.  Dr. Ensley sequenced the gene for Elastatropin production and inserted it into plants and microorganisms that serve as Elastatropin factories. Once harvested and refined, Elastatropin is used in a variety of medicines, including a powerful topical therapy to help heal injured soldiers. Dr. Ensley’s advancements are so revolutionary that his work is funded by the National Science Foundation and have been published in top scientific journals.

You can now try the miraculous Elastatropin-infused NULASTIN line of products in your own home through an exclusive Indiegogo campaign. You can now order the following products at a steep discount:

  • Lash Lush Boosting Serum
  • Brow Shape Altering Serum
  • Skin Intensive Hydrating Serum
  • Rejuvenating Skin Moisturizer
  • Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Refining Conditioning Toner
  • True You Headband

There is even a lifetime 50% discount available. You can even get a stay at one of Boulder, Colorado’s finest hotels and a tour led by Leah Garcia.  To learn more about NULASTIN or to order one of these fine products, please visit or

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