Bail Reform Act Will Make California a Fugitive State

Ca. Politicians Plan to Have Victims Pay for Assailant’s Court Costs

Santa Ana CA. USA – April 28, 2017 – Lipstick Bail Bonds/ California government has set the stage to make California the fugitive capital of the world. The CA. Senate and Assembly are pushing the Bail Reform Act upon its citizens. SB10 Pre Trial Release and AB42 are Bail Reform Bills that will require the release of criminals currently in jail awaiting trial and force Police and Judges to catch and release criminals without bail. “Californians just ask that you show up on your set court date, please and thank you.” If the criminal does not make their court date there is zero accountability and no available resources to enforce justice. This Zero accountability clause inherently changes the constitution of California, increases our tax spend, and highly increases the risk and wellbeing of  law abiding citizens and all divisions of law enforcement. 

Lipstick Bail Bonds in Santa Ana Ca. is a company that works the front lines every day in accordance with law enforcement officers and Judges orders. They understand the ramifications of leaving criminals unaccounted for and have started a movement to bring these Bills to light. Lipstick Bail Bonds has joined forces with Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman to stop Bail Reform. Bail bond companies provide Surety Bonds. Surety bonds provide accountability a defendant will return to court. If they do not appear, the bail bond company bears the cost for court and apprehension of defendant. If SB10 and AB42 pass, the California taxpayer is responsible for all court costs and warrants as well as any recovery and re-arrest cost for the defendant.

The premise of the bills are that criminals are in Jail because they cannot afford bail so we should let them out. That is an incorrect statement. A more accurate assessment is, Criminals are in jail because they committed a crime.

If you don’t want criminals running free in your neighborhood on your dime get behind the growing support to oppose Bail Reform. The Bail Reform Act puts California citizens at a much higher risk of crime and violence and Police officers in harm’s way with the burden of re-arresting a fugitive when they are caught committing a new crime. There is Zero accountability for the criminal charged. This needs to be clear.  When a Criminal does not show up for their court date NOBODY will go looking for them. Not the Police, Not the courts and not a bail bondsman. The most likely person to be found with them is you.

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