Privacy Defender Offers Unprecedented Online Anonymity

The government has recently rolled back many of the longstanding laws that protected your privacy while using the internet.  Combined with the numerous intrusions by online advertisers and sites that track your online viewing behavior, your surfing habits are an open book to almost anyone who wants to know. However, a new device by IDVector called Privacy Defender puts up an impenetrable wall between you and those who wish to spy on you.

Privacy Defender is a USB hardware device that quickly connects with any computer—PC, Linux, BSD, ChromeOS or Mac—and is compatible with any browser or network application. This device instantly connects you with the IDVector worldwide privacy network that shields your activities whether you are accessing the web from home or in a public WiFi network. This powerful system not only hides your virtual address, it also protects ALL the data that enters or exits that location.

Privacy Defender operates by using multiple Virtual Private Networks that mask your online activities.  Unlike other VPNs that fail to use encryption or track your behavior, Privacy Defender uses only the most robust cryptographic technologies and data protection programs to ensure 100% anonymity. Privacy Defender also features random MAC address rotation, device zeroization (i.e. data wipe), and no multi-device password sharing.

You can now enjoy the internet as it was meant to be—fully anonymously—by getting your own Privacy Defender through an exclusive Kickstarter campaign.  You can reserve your own Privacy Defender and pay a sharply discounted price for delivery in August of 2017. In addition to the hardware, you also get at least one year of VPN service included.

To learn more about Privacy Defender or to order your own, please visit:

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