Elena Orchiday releases the book, ‘Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever’

The book reveals how to eat anything and be slim.

United States of America – Elena Orchiday, a prolific writer is happy to announce the book she titles “Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever”. This book was written to give hope to those who have lost hope in losing weight and those that are giving up the fight to overcome eating disorders.

How many times have you been dieting and failed? How many times have you ended up binge eating and overeating instead? How many times have you postponed activities and your life for weight gain and lack of confidence? How many times have you started over again? How many years were you living like this?

Elena Orchiday is a regarded as: The Eating Freedom Teacher and Coach, she is the owner of “Eating and Body Freedom” Website.

You know, a lot of persons think they have grown so fat and overweight that they cannot reduce their weight anymore. Some others think they have to starve and stay away from food to get to perfect figure again. Well, that’s not true. The Eating Freedom platform will break you free from any unwanted eating habits and give you your desired size.

Brief Overview of the Book

In my book “Lose Weight AND Your Eating Disorder Forever!” I highlighted 2 necessary steps that would help anyone with eating disorder and overweight return to their desired size, weight and natural eating. This book will help you break free from any eating disorder forever. That is, there is no going back or relapse on that disorder. This book is for two types of people; if your eating is out of control and then if you don’t have any intense level of eating and weight problems, but you must watch your weight.

I will help you recover from any eating disorder in just 3 months. This is real. There is all spectrum of eating disorders from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, compulsive overeating, food addiction.  These disorders also come with their complexities. But whatever how complex these conditions are they will be gone in 3 months.

Also, I would teach you on how to eat anything of your choice and yet be slim. Maintaining a perfect shape does not come with the price of selecting what to eat. The price only lies in the desire to be slim, once you have that desire then you are ready to go.

This will work for you because it does teach you to partner and listen to your own body and to partner/listen to your own self; your own desires, values, feelings, inner guidance, ideas, sensations, preferences, not anyone else’s. Not mine!

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