Sparkle Skincare Co. Launches Anti-aging Line of Non-toxic, Affordable, Luxury Skincare Products

Sparkle Skincare Co. is launching the Be Forever Flawless line of 17 anti-aging skincare products created in small batches and free of big-brand toxins.

WIND GAP, PENNSYLVANIA – 5/1/2017 — Jennifer Anderson, licensed Esthetician and founder of Sparkle Skincare Co., began her entrepreneurial journey with a chance search into the various chemicals found in big-box skincare lines. The ensuing experimentation to create more natural products for herself and her family resulted in Organic Cosmetic Science and Esthetics degrees. 

Now, in the Sparkle Skincare Co. Pennsylvania studio and lab, Anderson focuses on manufacturing products that produce the desired happiness and confidence using safe, non-toxic skin care ingredients to deliver effective results.   

Sparkle Skincare Co. produces cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free skin care. Anderson uses only high quality oils, butters, herbs and base ingredients to ensure her customer’s safety and health for the long term. 

Anderson also donates Sparkle Skincare Co. products and services to those less fortunate through various non-profit organizations so that everyone has access to safe skin care products that bring out their most confident selves. 

“It’s not just what you put in your body, but also what you put ON your body that can ultimately affect your health.”

Jennifer Anderson | Sparkle Skincare Co. Owner/Creator


Be Forever Flawless Anti-aging Skincare Line.  

The new Be Forever Flawless anti-aging skin care line will launch to the public on May 1, 2017 at, and include: 

  1. Antioxidant Miracle Masque 
  2. Eye Luv Peptides Power Gel 
  3. Luminous Renewal Serum & Cream Set
  4. Bee-u-tiful Face Serum 
  5. Botanical Brilliance Masque 
  6. Cranberry Clarifying Masque 
  7. Hi-Def Hydration Masque 
  8. Hi-Def Hydration Toner 
  9. Seaweed Synergy Cleanser 
  10. Superstar Night Cream
  11. Skinspiration Night Cream, and more… 

Each product is lovingly created in small batches in a clean-room, sealed studio lab, and each product is ready to ship in 3-5 business days. Shop here for the quality and attention you can’t get from the other guys. At Sparkle Skincare Co., we take great strides to ensure you see the natural beauty you truly are, and the depth of appreciation we feel for you. 

“I absolutely love Sparkle Skincare. After trying so many different skincare products I have finally found one that works. My face is clearer and softer than ever and it’s so nice knowing the products are safe!”
Cindy Meisinger | Verified Customer, Sparkle Skincare Co.

“The products are so pure and feel really great on your skin. I am very happy with these products that I can use with confidence knowing there are no harmful ingredients.”

Marilyn Ott | Verified Customer, Sparkle Skincare Co.

I have used dozens of Sparkle products, and each one has been made to the highest standards. They are effective and luxurious, yet affordable. Customer service is top notch. I am in love with the new Be Forever Flawless line. My middle aged skin just loves the results!

Kelli Peduzzi | Verified Customer, Sparkle Skincare Co.

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Sparkle Skincare Co.– “Flawless Formulation ? Five-Star Quality “.


Connect with Jennifer Anderson and Sparkle Skincare Co. 

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