RayMing Technology Offers Double-Sided and Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

RayMing Technology specializes in manufacturing of professional high-tech PCB. These are double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. The company caters to customers from across the world.

PCB boards are used at almost every place where there is electricity. These are available in a wide range of options made from different materials. Companies are manufacturing these in different shapes and sizes and China leads as a primary exporter of such boards. Rayming Technology is one of the leading producers of Rogers PCB, high frequency circuit boards, Aluminium boards, and HDI boards. The company is based in Dayang Development Zone in the city of Shenzhen. Primarily, these products are used for power supplies, communications, computers, industrial instruments, automobiles and a range of other consumer electronic industries. With years of experience and hard work the company has grown into a leading manufacturer and exporter from China.

The primary countries where they export their products to include, America, Europe, New Zealand, Russia and Australia. Being a well-known China PCB assembly company, they are equipped with advanced processing equipment and measurement techniques like high precision CNC drilling machines, Flying Probe tester, AOI tester, etc. They also have a high-frequency board manufacturing system, blind buried via manufacturing, and special impedance control systems. The production unit is led by a team of highly experienced professionals backed by a strong R&D team. The company has also attained the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 and UL certifications.

RayMing Technology Offers Double-Sided and Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

In a span of nearly 7 years the company has grown manifolds and is a one stop destination for all the products for PCB assembly and designing. The company bases its processes on a business policy of customer’s supreme and quality first backed by perseverance and innovation. To help customers browse their extensive range of products, the company features them all on their website. This online portal has been well designed and offers details about the products and options to send inquiry online. The company is also well-equipped to cater to OEM and ODM requirements of different customers.

Each of the categories lists its PCB Assembly services and products whereby customers can check descriptions and highly detailed images. Based on their preferences, they can move ahead and send their enquiries to the company. Moreover, for specific queries, customers can reach the representatives using the contact form or telephone numbers featured on the website. The website also offers a live chat feature using skype for instant replies to customer queries. The company adopts top standards of packing and services of world class shipping service providers like DHL to ship orders globally.

About RayMing Technology

RayMing Technology is involved in manufacturing and export of an extensive range of professional high-tech PCB. They are based in Shenzhen and ship products to customers from around the planet. Besides featuring their own exclusive products, the company also caters to OEM and ODM requirements. For more details, please visit their website.

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