Kuester Management Group Offers Pool Readiness Tips for HOA Communities

Kuester Management Group shares some tips and strategies for ensuring that your HOA community is ready for a fun, safe pool season.

Warm weather is here—and for many HOA communities, that means pool season is close at hand. With many HOAs opening their pools around Memorial Day, if not sooner, the time to consider pool readiness is now. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group shares some tips for ensuring a safe, fun pool season.

“To have a really good pool season in your HOA, you need to attend to matters such as pool maintenance and pool cleaning while also considering pool safety,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group.

For starters, Kuester says, pool maintenance is recommended. Since the pool has been sitting idle all winter, it’s important to make sure equipment is inspected and repaired. If the pool has been drained, it is also smart to inspect the pool and its lining for any cracks. “Check the pool deck, as well, for cracks or any other hazards,” Kuester suggests.

Pool cleaning is another key task. “You must clean and shock the pool before anyone swims in it,” Kuester affirms. Pool cleaning is something that an HOA might consider outsourcing to a professional service, at least for the first cleaning of the season.

The HOA community should also be mindful of rules and regulations. “Make sure they are clearly posted within your pool area,” Kuester explains. “I would also recommend sending an email to everyone in the community, gently reminding them of the basic pool policies and guidelines.”

As for general pool safety, Kuester notes that hiring lifeguards is recommended, especially for larger pools and communities. At the very least, HOA pool areas should have first aid kits and rescue equipment readily available. “Also make sure that gates and fences around the pool area work properly,” Kuester says. “That means locking properly, in particular.”

By following these tips, Kuester believes that HOA communities can set the stage for truly enjoyable pool seasons.

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