Livtech Solutions, The Responsive Supplier Of IT Hardware And Software

IT Requirements can be critical! At a time when everything is Go-Green, one thing you cannot recycle is wasted time. LivTech gets you the equipment you want, when you want IT.

Livingston, CA – LivTech Solutions is happy to announce to the general public that they are a certified and leading supplier of IT Hardware, software, networking and AV equipment to the defense, aerospace, Fortune 1000, Education sectors and hospitals. 

With more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, the company has established strong, successful and long lasting relationships with the top manufacturers and distributors in this industry. 

LivTech Solutions is a one-stop-shop for computers, network products, software, storage devices, VTC, monitors, printers, scanners and accessories. They offer products from a wide range of manufacturers including Redhat, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Toshiba, Epson, Rose, Microsoft, and Motorola, among others.             

The company has a proven track record in working with their corporate and government customers. That’s why they have won several contracts and awards for being a strong and reliable partner and for providing cost effective and program efficient solutions.

The company has friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff with a large knowledge base to help clients get the job done. Just one member of staff will help a client with all their pre/post sales, technical support, shipping info, and RMA’s.

LivTech Solutions supplies virtually any technology-related product and service, and to ensure their clients get the best, they have singled out the top IT manufacturers based on performance, price, product maturity and past history. They strive to put their clients first and will go above and beyond to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded.

“There are times when the latest and greatest are needed. Then, there are those times when legacy programs need to be maintained,” says Wikki Verma, the founder of LivTech Solutions. 

He continued, “Livingston Technology Solutions can help you with both. We consistently work hard to get IT Hardware & Software from our warehouse to your docks in a way that is both cost effective & program efficient.” 

“We work on mission critical projects where engineers are on last minute flights & staying in hotels. They need the right equipment delivered on time otherwise the program delays are costly and frustrating. At a time when everything is Go-Green, one thing you cannot recycle is wasted time. LivTech makes sure the equipment is delivered on-time as promised with constant updates & status communications,” he added. 

For large orders, the company helps clients by consolidating the orders. This saves them time and money by putting more items on just one purchase order.

The members of staff at LivTech Solutions have extensive experience working with Vendors overseas as well as domestic. This enables them to provide their clients with the best equipment for their local environments or conditions.

About LivTech Solutions:

LivTech Solutions was founded 15 years ago by Wikki Verma, a Livingston High School graduate. Verma realized that many companies often move from one shop to another looking for IT products hence wasting time and energy. That’s why he decided to have a company that would stock all IT products under one roof. The company is today a turnkey IT provider offering cutting edge and proven solutions for any IT needs. It is part of a distributor network that carries more than sixteen thousand manufacturers and a line card that includes more than five hundred thousand line items.

Media Contact
Company Name: LivTech Solutions
Contact Person: Wikki Verma
Phone: 707-981-9810
Address:1032 Bridgeport Ave.
City: Livingston
State: CA 95334
Country: United States