The Lookin’ Busy Mouse Mover Device Maintains Activity to Prevent Application Time-outs

For most people who are operating an app on their computer while multitasking, it is imperative that they maintain an active presence to prevent the app from timing out or their PC from powering down. In the past, this usually required constant interruptions to return to the PC and jiggle the mouse, but with the invention of the Lookin’ Busy device that is no longer necessary. This simple yet ingenious product uses an incrementally rotating surface under your mouse—along with mouse stabilizer pads to secure your optical mouse—to simulate activity.

Lookin’ Busy will soon be a staple of teleworkers and multitaskers everywhere.  This simple yet highly effective device will keep open online video calls, remote work sessions and other timed applications, allowing you to step away for minutes, hours or even days. Unlike other devices, Lookin’ Busy does not require system drivers or software.  Because it is a stand-alone device, it only needs a power outlet or a USB charging stick to function; and it will operate almost indefinitely as long as power is supplied.

You can now get your own Lookin’ Busy Mouse Mover through an exclusive Kickstarter campaign.  The Lookin’ Busy Mouse Mover is available in a wide variety of colors and is available at a steeply discounted pre-order price. Some packages even include a phone call with the Lookin’ Busy team. 

To learn more about Lookin’ Busy Mouse Mover, or to order your own, please visit:

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