Proven Process for Turning Potential Patients into Engaged Advocates

CLIFTON, NJ – 1 May, 2017 – Matt Coffy, CEO of Practice Bloom and author of The Ultimate Guide to Medical Practice Marketing, spoke recently to attendees at the annual meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery about how to acquire more qualified patients. Coffy discussed the importance of understanding the patient journey, and how his company’s deep understanding of that journey has led them to a highly and successful strategy for moving patients from awareness to engagement to advocacy.

Unlike many other marketing firms that focus their attention strictly on patient acquisition, PracticeBloom works on a patient strategy model that accomplishes far more, engaging patients at a higher level that provides a more constant patient flow. He walked the group of spine practitioners through the various stages of their proprietary patient funnel, beginning with a broad awareness campaign that targets what is most relevant to a particular patient, combining a pre-education approach with constant retargeting to continue to bring the patient further into their engagement with his clients’ practices.  Practice Bloom’s services meticulously and methodically guide potential patients to provide their email, then further encourage them through an email drip system that has high success rates for patients actually calling and making an appointment for an evaluation.

Unlike other, generic marketing services, Practice Bloom’s services go beyond mere conversion. They believe that the more they continue the story and follow up with more content, they are not only able to convert evaluations into clients, but also to get patients to act as the physician’s most powerful advocacy and marketing representative. 

Coffy’s approach involves engaging with the physician’s desired market through a variety of strategies and stages, driving visitors, phone calls, consultation requests, and appointments while allowing the practitioner to concentrate on actual patient services. The service brings in the right patients, supporting the practice with engagement factors that build patient trust before the ever make an appointment and allowing practitioners to engage with their patients and procedures rather than with patient management.

If you want to stop wasting your valuable time and money on marketing and begin seeing a real transformation of your practice, contact Practice Bloom today to learn more about how their proven strategic approach can help you too.

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