Dr. Robert Puff Reveals the Secret to Happiness in his Latest Eye Opening and Exciting Podcast

When it comes to being able to connect over and give actionable advice on even the most challenging of subjects few people possess the combination of knowledge and wisdom as Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. The author and recognized Happiness Expert turns those abilities towards teaching listeners a proven way to be more happy on recent podcast “The Biggest Secret of Happiness”.

The hard truth is, most people seek happiness and it just doesn’t work for them.  What makes people happy, clearly, goes much deeper than the external things that are struggled for, and really don’t provide any lasting happiness at all, despite what places like television, internet and magazine ads may claim.  Fortunately, the secret to true happiness is out there for those willing to look with an open mind and try new things. 

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. is rightly viewed as a leading voice in these efforts, tackling the subject in books, live engagements and an increasingly popular podcast.  In his most recent episode, Dr. Puff reveals, in a clear and actionable way, “The Biggest Secret of Happiness”, which also bares the podcast’s name.

“Happiness does not happen by chance, but because people take specific actions in their life to create it,”  commented the riveting speaker.  “When you decide that you are going to do everything in your power to live a simply beautiful life and live your life to the fullest every day… you will find happiness.”

According to Dr. Puff, happiness is something that comes from the internal processes rather than the external.  By working on changing thoughts a person can quickly the change the way they feel. Happiness and most other major life issues need to be addressed holistically, which is a signature part of his advice to listeners.  He expertly shows this by not just addressing things like a person’s mindset or need to be more mindful, but also by giving powerful health enhancing recommendations – that can’t help but make a person more happy if followed.

In addition to his podcast, Dr. Puff is the author of 13 book, including, “Finding Our Happiness Flow” and “Anger Work: How to Express Your Anger and Still be Kind”, which have both been Amazon best sellers.

Feedback for Dr. Puff’s methods continues to be passionate across the board.

Lynsey J., recently said in a five star review, “The happiness podcasts are wonderful to listen to during my morning routine. I feel awakened to life, quiet literally.  They are a great reminder to be present during the day.  Thank you for improving humanity.”

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