Sanki Global® Announces The Launch of their Sanki Global Athlete Program® at The 2017 Box Fan Expo®

Sanki Global® set a Guinness World Record® in March 2017, and now they are launching their Sanki Athlete Program® at the Box Fan Expo® in Las Vegas, Nevada May 6th, 2017.

LAS VEGAS, NV – 1 May, 2017 – The Box Fan Expo allows fans to “Meet & Greet” Boxing’s Superstars of today, Legends of the past, and many other boxing Celebrities. This year Sanki Global® will showcase their own product line, giving fans and athletes the opportunity to experience the latest in nutritional Nanotechnology.

Former Heavyweight Pro Fighter BIll Corrigan Teams Up With Sanki Global®

“Most of these athletes have spent their entire lives fighting.  Many have known nothing but boxing from as young as six years of age.  Starting out as amateurs through national tournaments then going onto the Pan Am games, the Olympics and finally going Professional, all they’ve known is fighting,” says Corrigan.

Corrigan goes on to say “Now many are left with few opportunities to capitalize on their careers and are struggling to support their families.  Their lack of work skills and experience is preventing them from transitioning into the workplace in order to make meaningful living.”

Sanki Global® is pioneering the way to meet this challenge head-on by teaming up with athletes and assisting them in setting up a personal business that offers innovative, world class, Japanese Nanotech products that help people with their physical health and financial health, as well as gives athletes the ability to support and contribute to any foundations they personal founded or participate in.

“Sanki Global® fully supports innovative programs that can change the rules of the game in our industry.  I truly believe that this is one of those programs,” states Alejandro Lopez-Tello, CEO of Sanki Global®.  He continues on to say – “Our mission is to help people find and achieve their true life’s purpose. Now we want the boxing community to do so through our world class nanotechnological products, our culture and our leadership.”    

Currently, Sanki Global® has more than 200 international athletes using the Sanki products with amazing results and is now expanding its horizon.

The Sanki® door is open to athletes and non-athletes alike in order to give everybody the opportunity to experience good health and financial freedom.  

The entire Sanki® product line is certified drug free by the Banned Substances Control Group® (BSCG®).

Sanki Global® Introductory Video

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