COMM Studios Unleashes Flow HRV in the United States

COMM Studios has just announced the release of Flow HRV, a new biofeedback device to help manage stress electronically.  Now in the United States, the stress-reducing, concentration and energy producing product comes with a complete package of biofeedback equipment for use on Android smartphones.

“We are thrilled to introduce this state-of-the-art biofeedback device to the United States,” announced Marek Jacenko, a COMM Studios spokesperson.  “It has been a huge hit in Europe and has helped many manage their stress, increase their focus and concentration and energize their bodies as well.  It’s a good feeling to offer such an innovative self-improvement tool that can greatly benefit all who use it.”

Flow HRV is a descendant of its PC-based equivalent, Stone. Monitors the user’s heart rate and analyzes data from a biofeedback sensor which is attached to the user’s finger or ear.  The software package includes 3 games, analyze progress and motivate as well.  It’s a set of gamified guided meditations, visualizations and breathing exercises combined with latest heart rate variability biofeedback technology.

The Flow games are controlled by the power of the user’s mind, an evolving practice for stress management and mindfulness.  When the mind is cleared of negative and nagging thought waves, the user advances to the game at hand.  For instance, in the game “Crystal Clear”, the object is to fill a bowl with water.  The clearer the mind, the larger the water drops are that fall into the bowl.

While the biofeedback device is qualified for use by professionals like psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists, it is now available to the public and does not require a prescription.  There are no side effects and, according to experts, the benefits are immense.

“Although the technology behind the biofeedback equipment and device are highly complicated, using it is very simple,” explained Marek Jacenko.

Psychological studies prove that as one gets in touch with their individual levels of stress and anxiety, the management of them is more possible.  The game serves to promote awareness and to help provide solutions as well. 

The system creatively utilizes the mesolimbic dopamine pathway which signals reward and instigates motivation.  In addition, promotes awareness of stress and emotions, introduces avenues to control stress levels, help activates endorphins.

The product comes with a 24-month warranty.  Currently, it is available for Android tablet and smartphones only. It can be used by multiple users which make it even more affordable.

“Feel better and live longer” is the motto of the COMM Studios.

The biofeedback device and biofeedback equipment are available on the Flow HVR website and on Amazon.

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