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MEDI-RING®: Protect yourself and your loved ones from taking the wrong medication.
MEDI-RING® is a flexible, plastic ring that snaps onto prescription bottles, enabling a patient to write the condition for which it is taken, i.e. “Heart”, “Memory”, etc. MEDI-RING® was developed by a pharmacist to help eliminate errors when taking medications. He realized that over 95% of dispensed medications DO NOT state what the medication is for. With over 3.5 BILLION prescriptions dispensed annually, this product is essential for anyone who takes prescription medication.

Confused by your prescription medications? What pill helps what ailment? Why doesn’t the label say what the medication is to be used for? Am I taking the right medication? Now you can be more confident with the patented “Medi-Ring®”, the new and innovative product from Medi-Ring, LLC.

PHOENIX, AZ – 1 May, 2017 – Have you ever been confused when looking at your prescription bottles? Labels tell you when to take your medication, but not what the medication is to be used for. Could this be dangerous? You bet. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there are nearly one million hospital admissions annually from people taking the wrong medication. With over 3.5 BILLION prescriptions dispensed in 2012, this is a recipe for disaster. “Over 95% of dispensed medications today DO NOT state what the medications are to be used for”, states Frederick Hirth, developer of the Medi-Ring®, and a registered pharmacist of 30 years. “This can be very confusing, especially for the elderly”. In 2006, there were 37 million people in the United States aged 65 and older. Projections forecast this number will surpass 71 million by 2030.

Unique and Yet Simple: No batteries or programming needed. Just slip the plastic Medi-Ring® onto your prescription bottle and write whatever you want on it. For example, “heart”, “memory”, “blood pressure”, etc. When you get your prescription refilled, simply slide the Medi-Ring® off the old prescription bottle and place it on the new prescription bottle.

Affordable: The Medi-Ring® retails for $5.99 for a package of three small Medi-Rings® and two large Medi-Rings®.

Availability: The Medi-Ring® will be available soon in at a store near you.

The Company-Medi-Ring, LLC is located in Arizona. They are equipped and ready with an awesome sales force with many years of experience.

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Medi-Ring is patented and ready to market.

Medi-Ring Medicine Bottle Identification:

• Developed by a Pharmacist 

• Snaps on and Stays Attached 

• Increases Safety and Confidence 

• Identify Medication at a Glance 

• Over 3 Billion Prescriptions Dispensed Annually 

• No Batteries/ No Programming 

• Simple to Use 

• Great product for anyone who takes prescription medication

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Company Name: Medi-Ring LLC
Contact Person: Fred Hirth, RPh
Phone: 855-946-6334
Country: United States