Young Slacker Media introduces Future Sharks, one of the fastest growing online publications for entrepreneurs and thought leaders

Future Sharks is establishing itself as a leading publication for entrepreneurs in the digital space

In March of this year, Young Slacker Media (owned by Flux Ventures) launched Future Sharks, a website featuring entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers around the world, providing them with a platform to share their stories and knowledge to inspire others to pursue their dreams.  

Having featured high profile innovators such as Justin Kan (founder of Twitch.TV, which sold to Amazon for 970M); Brooklyn Nets’ power forward Trevor Booker; and Mahbod Moghadam, founder of both Rap Genius and Everipedia, Future Sharks shares powerful interviews about people working on social entrepreneurship, education, marketing and “secret” projects.

“The goal is to provide the readers with an actionable piece of advice that they can take away and act on immediately” stated Alejandro Rioja, the creator of Future Sharks. “I’m constantly meeting people who are working on impactful projects and wanted to create a space for them to share their journey”, he continued.

When asked about his favorite part of this project, Alejandro mentioned that “one of the most important questions Future Sharks asks their respondents is to teach the audience something new in their field of expertise, be it social media marketing, software development, or networking. People find a lot of insight and value in those answers”.

The growth of Future Sharks has been funneled by clever marketing tactics developed by Flux Ventures’ digital marketing firm Flux.LA, which included influencer marketing as well as forging strategic partnerships with several other publications, including the syndication of their best content to Thrive Global (Arianna Huffington’s new firm). Now the website enjoys a readership of 40,000 people per month, growing at the extraordinary rate of 100% month over month. With more and more readers joining the site every day, Future Sharks is well on its way to becoming the No. 1 spot for entrepreneurial stories.

“In the near future, I would like to create a podcast version of the interviews as well as a knowledge base of articles to teach people different aspects of entrepreneurship” concluded Alejandro.

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