Genie Gateway Introduces the Magic of Check22 to India

Newly deployed Mumbai-based Check22Clearinghouse brings no-risk payment processing to unserved high-risk merchants.

U.S. based Genie Gateway (www.GGWY.Info) announced today that it is turning up its new Check22 Clearinghouse platform in Mumbai, India, as part of a new relationship with Paymount ( Paymount, a successful PSP and ecommerce solutions provider to both high and low risk merchants in India, will now offer Check22 as the alternative solution to its merchants who are selling their goods and services to customers in the U.S.A.

“Check22, our patented payment processing service, provided exclusively on the Genie Gateway platform, has been successfully introduced in North America,” said Genie Gateway CEO Thomas Skala. “With our ability to provide face-to-face, online and telephone merchant processing services to under-banked and high-risk merchants – which traditional processors can’t touch – it only makes sense to extend our platform into one of the largest, most dynamic and most energetic markets in the world: India.”

Chief Technology Officer Stuart Scamman explained, “The new web portal,, is being housed in Mumbai to make it more accessible to users on the sub-continent than our established US facilities. The new Mumbai portal will be a front-end into the same set of back-end functions and services, just tailored for the local market.”

“Every merchant in India and the region with customers in the U.S.A., many of whom simply can’t get traditional payment processing services on their own, will benefit from the Check22 Clearinghouse and the new services we plan to offer,” continued Shahbaz Karipodi, CEO of Paymount Inc.

Genie Gateway CFO Mark Newgreen, added, “We eliminate the risk factors that keep old-guard banks and processors from being able to serve thousands of merchants who are either too small or who serve markets that involve ‘unacceptable’ risks.”

Jonathan Imm, President of Globility Link Inc., ( said “We have adopted Check22 in North America and now in India, and we are delighted in recommending Genie Gateway to Paymount Inc. In addition, we intend to integrate this revolutionary service with our future global rollout to merchants worldwide”.

“The time is now to get in touch with us to set up a Check22 merchant account, declared Genie Gateway Vice President, Randall Skala. “No matter how small your business, or how often the old-line bankers have let you down, we can help.”

About the Genie Gateway – www.GGWY.Info  

Genie Gateway (U.S. OTC: GGWY) – holds the Key to Unlocking a Wide-Open Opportunity by using its patented technology to create a unique environment where customers can communicate and send and receive payments, globally, in real-time through Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet, integrated on one platform into One Unified Solution.

Genie Gateway focuses on the “low hanging fruit” of un-banked and underserved businesses and consumers who want a fully rounded presence on the internet and by phone, without the cost and complexity of the build-it-yourself approach. By consolidating merchant services, Telecommunications, Cable TV and High Speed Internet providers, Genie Gateway’s forward-looking platform blends the products and services needed to operate a business – traditionally purchased from several vendors – into one seamless service.

Genie Gateway is U.S. registered company, trading on the U.S. OTC stock market under the symbol GGWY and filing regular reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Genie Gateway has two operating subsidiaries, Summit Digital Inc., and Genie Gateway:

Summit Digital Inc., is a Multi-System Operator providing Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and related services, targeting rural communities as a specific high-growth market within the Cable Television and high speed internet industry.

Genie Gateway is a forward-looking unified communications and payment processing platform, blending the products and services needed to operate a business, traditionally purchased from several vendors, into one seamless service.

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