Ecoresh Redefines Toilet Hygiene For 21st C With Eco-Friendly Hands Free Sanitizer

Ecoresh assures safest toilet hygiene at par with modern times with its advanced eco-friendly hands free sanitization device that can up till 99% of all the surface germs and contaminants from the toilet bowl.

Grandview, MO – May 1, 2017 – A clean toilet is fundamental for healthy home yet regular disinfectants leave hazardous waste after cleaning that end up polluting the environment. NOT any more- Comes in Ecoresh that intelligently wipes out all germs and contaminants in the loo but with due regard to the Mother Earth. The breakthrough eco-friendly hands free sanitizer is powerful enough to destroy up to 99.9% of all the surface germs and contaminants. 

“We are excited to introduce our revolutionary Ecoresh that will upscale your toilet to the 21st Century with a robust eco-friendly hands free sanitizer. It banks on state of the art UVC & PCO technology for the most advanced sanitization of your toilet and that too with a green approach. What makes Ecoresh stand out among regular toilet cleaning counterparts is that it does not use hazardous chemicals like them to protect the environment,” stated the leading spokesperson from Ecoresh.

Using Ecoresh is as simple as 1-2-3. Just fix up the sanitizer on toilet cover and switch it on. After you are done, flush & flip down the cover to let Ecoresh clean up the loo. The sanitizer not only destroys the germs to prevent disease but also wipes away the unsightly stains left by them for a spick and span toilet.

“You will often find toilet cleaners claiming to remove toilet odor but most of them fail miserably. They simply cover them superficially which cannot ever eliminate the problem altogether. But Ecoresh is designed to successfully fight the toilet odor by destroying the very source of the nasty smell. It would be a great experience to have Ecoresh for your toilet.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson mentioned about the handy in-built night light of the sanitizer for proper use of the toilet in dark. The light will glow up automatically the moment one lifts up the toilet lid to prevent unwanted messes caused from using the loo when there is no light.

Ecoresh has been further equipped with cutting edge smart sensor technology that will keep tab on the cleanliness meter of the toilet. Users will get timely alerts on cleaning the toilet as it gets messy for a perfect clean and safe toilet all the year round. Moreover, Ecoresh has a beeper which will alert the user regarding flush and will also remind to flip down the lid after use.

“The microorganisms present in the toilet calls for frequent cleaning even after the extensive clean-up you had last weekend. Ecoresh aims for the safest possible cleanup and hence will keep on notifying you about the cleaning schedules the moment it senses the harmful presence of microorganisms. With Ecoresh, it’s all about the best toilet hygiene.”

Ecoresh also comes with a handy app that will allow users to operate the advanced sanitizer remotely, even when they are busy in office. The app will keep on sending alerts on scheduled cleaning and will notify you to restock bathroom essentials on time.

The company is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Ecoresh at Indiegogo in the last quarter of May.

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