Therapists at Sun Point Wellness Center Host Event for Parents with Young Children

Claudia Camargo, a therapist at the Sun Point Wellness Center in Silver Spring, launches a unique therapeutic program designed to build healthier parent/child relationships.

As young children begin to develop their own independent personalities, they also often create challenging and frustrating situations for parents.  Claudia Camargo, MSW, LICSW, understands the importance of good parent/child communication starting at an early age and hopes to offer support. 


Through her office at the Sun Point Wellness Center Camargo will host a special conference that provides solutions for families dealing with stress, anxiety, and the many difficult daily challenges that are common in relationships between parents and young children, aged 2-7 years old.  Her new, scientifically based system called Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is designed to teach moms and dads how to better interact with their child while keeping undesirable behaviors in check.  This informational group event will help parents to strengthen their connection with their young son or daughter through play.  It will also give mothers and fathers the tools to develop a behavioral routine which targets unwanted behaviors while reinforcing a positive parental bond.

“Too often it is a balancing act trying to correct negative behaviors of children while at the same time building a positive relationship that will last a lifetime,” said Claudia Camargo, the main  coordinator of the program.  “Our conference and 50-minute individualized session with a licensed and trained clinician can help.”

Sun Point Wellness Center will host a special informational session on the PCIT model on Thursday, May 18th. 2017 at 5:30pm.  Participants will receive a 50 minute session and a workshop with their attendance to the event.  The 50 minute session is a one-on-one private and personalized meeting with a certified therapist or counselor.

Camargo will act as the lead therapist at the PCIT conference.  She has extensive experience with family therapy and is excited to be a part of the upcoming sessions.

“It is a goal to have families come and find new ways to communicate and create real practical bonds that will strengthen their relationships,” said Camargo.

Claudia Camargo and the team at the Sun Point Wellness counseling center also provide psychological therapy and a holistic approach to counseling to help families and individuals overcome obstacles related to addiction, depression, anxiety and PTSD or other mental health issues.  They serve the communities of Silver Spring, Tacoma Park, and Bethesda in Maryland.

Seating for this conference is limited and participants will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  This meetup is designed specifically for parents of children aged 2-7. 

More information about the conference can be found here:


About Sun Point Wellness Center:

Sun Point Wellness Center believes that all who seek therapy have unique needs, and strive to understand those needs to provide high-quality counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. They employ an evidence-based, caring approach to support client needs on their path to wellness.  They are located in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.





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