A new word, a new way to look at food: Grubido

Houston, Texas – 1st MAY, 2017 – A new way to look at food has arrived, says Grubido founder Kavachi. With the launch of her new website, Grubidos.com; Nigerian-American concept cook Kavachi wants to bring people together through quality food. To do so, she has coined a new term: “Grubido.” Grubidos, Kavachi says, “are people who research and want to understand food and its origin.”

The term taken from a Nigerian slang word for food aficionados, goes beyond the term “foodies.” Grubidos will help each other develop a more adventurous palate—and a more open mind. When readers become part of the Grubido community, they will be able to go into a restaurant—or someone’s home—and feel knowledgeable about what they order and what they eat.

To bring people together through food, Grubido will scour the world for hidden gems and discover little-known ethnic cuisines. As Kavachi puts it, “We are in a global era and that’s why…I want every Grubido to be knowledgeable about food from all over the world.”

When she was a child, Kavachi had a teacher who rejected a native dish her mother—a trained chef—made for the class. That experience has fueled Kavachi’s passion for educating others about ethnic foods even to this day. Her goal is to make Grubido “The United Nations on a plate.”

A multi-talented entrepreneur with roots in both the fashion world and the food service industry, Kavachi plans to feature not only five-star chefs on her website, but also up-and-coming chefs, home cooks, one-of-a-kind local hangouts and street food stands to show readers the diversity of food from all over the world.

Grubido will feature not only recipes, but also tips and tricks that will help cooks learn where to find ingredients for new dishes and how to prepare them. When food aficionados from all over the world connect to discover new dishes, people will come together—as Grubidos.

Grubido is a food-focused website with an eye toward helping people from all over the world connect across one virtual table. With their slogan, “We’re here for the food,” to unite them, Grubidos can connect with each other at http://grubidos.com

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