New App With Simplest User Interface Launched To Alert Users About High And Low Battery Level And Hence Extend Battery Life.

Independent App developer Hitha Paul P. is committed to developing apps that simple, useful and also add value to the lives of their users, the latest app by the developer is the recently launched Low Battery Alert Alarm app for Android phones and tablets. The easy to use application has been developed to alert users about high and low battery level through an alarm.

The app’s key features include:

1. set low battery level to alert empty battery during discharge mode

2. Set high Battery Level to warn you about full charge

3. Easy to change settings.

Hitha has especially designed this particular app to allow users to keep track of battery charge levels of a device and prevent the battery from completely draining out of juice or overcharging which can damage the battery and shorten its life. Experts warn against over charging a phone’s battery especially by connecting the phone to the charger and leaving it overnight to charge, this tends to over charge the battery which has a direct impact on the life of the battery. To prevent this from happening the Low Battery Warning Alarm app alerts phone users when the phone’s battery is nearly full with a high battery alarm so users can disconnect the charger.

The developer described the app as:

“Low battery alert alarm app is the most simple alert app you can have when the battery is nearly full or empty. You can set your custom warning levels for the alert. Different warning bells for different battery level. you can recommend it to your friends in a tap of a button.”

Hitha has paid special attention to the interface of the app, and has made is simple and easy use to use perfect for users of all ages. Users can select 2 different warning bells for the high and low battery warning.

Febin Andrews, a highly satisfied user downloaded the app for his phone, in his review on Google Play she writes:

“Very simple interface. Custom level Low battery warning alert is really useful. Battery full alarm to indicate stop charging.”

Despite the recent launch the app has received 5-star ratings and positive reviews from users.

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Hitha is an independent avid mobile app developer, with interest to share the useful and innovative apps.

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