DR PETER CASTELLANA is developing a patent for doing root canal without pains

New York, U.S.A – 1 May, 2017 – your teeth are extremely important to the way you look, your self confidence and overall health. All that’s good starts with a healthy smile. That why you need the best possible smile ever on every occasion of your life.

At PETER CASTELLANA DENTAL SERVICES, we know how important your teeth are to you. That is why when visiting our office, your healthy gums and teeth will be our highest priority for you to achieve a healthy smile. Our entire dentists are dedicated to provide you with a gentle care and personalized dentistry that you deserve.

Part of our strong commitment to serve our patients/clients include providing of information that can help them to make the best and more informed decisions regarding the top available choices for their oral and dental health.

Our website will act as a resource for you and we hope that you will find this site both interesting and useful in understanding and learning more about dental and oral treatment options, dental conditions, our professional team and training and many more.

Our excellent services include teeth whitening (bringing back the natural color of your teeth or even whiter), root canal (saving your natural tooth can save you the problem of not needing to wear artificial teeth, prevent jaw problems, protection from wear), dental implants (replacement tooth roots which provide a foundation for permanent or removable replacement tooth), every day dental care (scheduled check-ups, filling cavities and teeth straightening), dental cleaning and other dental care services.

Dr. Peter Castellana is currently working on a patent for doing root canal without pains. To be released by July 2018.

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Dr. Peter Castellana dental services is a dental service provider located in New York, with high standards, uncompromising safety, positive experience and expertise in oral and dental treatment, dental conditions and overall dental care.

We offer services of teeth whitening and cleaning, root canal, dental implants, daily dental care and many more dental services.

Each and every one of our patients are our top priority and we take our responsibility to caring for their teeth seriously. We will not only care for your teeth but will spend time with you to ensure you know how to care for them on a daily basis.

Please feel free to browse our website and learn more about how our dental services and dental care can benefit you and your family.

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