Special offer – Buy a house in New York of up to $500,000 with no money down

New York – 1 May, 2017 – Do you desire to own a house in New York but you have little or no down-payment? Do you need an investment firm you can trust?, then all you seek for is at PETER CASTELLANA CORP.

PETER CASTELLANA CORP is one of the most trustworthy Real Estate Investment Firm located in New York. It is our Real Estate firm’s vision to make our organization a success with these 4 principal tenets:

• a team of expert professionals that has differentiated experiences which make it possible to bring the highest and most effective caliber skills to every single investment.

• a firm focus right on the profitable results in direct alignment with the investors and not aggregating assets.

• driving every single step of a certain investment’s cycle from its origination through the asset management down to disposition.

• an effective portfolio wherein each investment is important or significant enough to have an impact to the overall portfolio performance.

Our Real estate investment principles include: always doing due diligence, never risking more than we can afford, never putting all our eggs in one basket established set goals, and building a team we can trust. Our property classifications are in core properties, value ad properties and opportunistic properties.

Planning is one of the most important things that both the experienced and new real estate investor must do to win or succeed in the real estate investing game, and that is what we highly prioritize here.

At PETER CASTELLANA we are launching a new special program come August 2017 where you can own a house in New York up to $500,000 without putting down any down payment.

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About us

PETER CASTELLANA INC. is a Real estate investment company that focuses on diverse and compelling real estate in sought after locations. Inorder to ensure that our portfolio is extremely diverse we have properties covering all classifications.

Our property classifications are in core properties, value ad properties and opportunistic properties.

We are about to launch a special program by August 2017 that allows our clients to own a house of up to $500,000 without any down-payment.

To learn more about us and our services please visit https://www.petercastellanarealty.us/about/

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