Revolutionary Network ‘yourNEWS Media’ Launches a Campaign on Indiegogo

A Next Generation News Platform is Operating a Local Edition in Every Zip Code: Designed to Permanently Replace the Outdated/Out Fashioned Newspapers

A new sensation called yourNEWS has been launched as a revolutionary model of media and communications from the United States. It has been created as a modern alternative to daily local newspapers and this news platform will promote citizen journalism like never before. This Next Generation News Platform works with a simple formula of location based news. This means that any reader can simply enter their zip code to find the latest news around them. This is called Hometown Edition and is one of the most popular features of yourNEWS.

In addition to the readers and audience, yourNEWS is an amazing platform for the advertisers and business community. Advertisers using this platform will not have to pay for the views that won’t convert. This means that the website will only share relevant ads with the viewers based on their searching history and browsing patterns. Therefore, it is not only a great resource for the people but also the business community and it is designed to remove all the flaws present in the modern day media.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at:  and it offers pledge levels from $109 to $9900. Further information regarding other reward levels and the media outlet itself are available on the campaign page as well as the website.

About yourNEWS

YourNEWS is a revolutionary innovation in the media and communication industry that will permanently replace the old fashioned newspapers and will give the readers news they really want to read. The model works on a location based system and it also promotes citizen journalism.

Media Contact
Company Name: YourNEWS Media Group, Inc..
Contact Person: Sam Anthony
Phone: 561-222-2900
Address:170 S. Green Valley Parkway
City: Henderson
State: Nevada
Country: United States