MemoryMD To Participate In Brain Trust Conference, Introducing Its Cloud-Based Neuro Health Solution

Silicon Valley-based technology company, MemoryMD presents innovative brain health solutions at Brain Trust.

MemoryMD, a technology firm, combines its expertise in brain analysis and artificial intelligence to offer innovative brain health solutions. The company is a pioneering neuro health data aggregator. Brain Trust, a summit hosted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, will be a two-day event boosting public-private partnerships. MemoryMD was selected as an industry participant based on their application, fulfilling the 5 criteria evaluation.

“The conference presents itself as a great opportunity for us to finally introduce our point of care health solutions.” This summit is focused on traumatic brain injury and head trauma. Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, PH.D. will be representing MemoryMD at the event having worked with veterans suffering from TBI and PTSD. “We want to establish ourselves as a medical device company and a medical image aggregator that can be useful in diagnosing veteran health issues. Currently, we’re working with NeuroEEG™ and NeuroCap™ to streamline patient care for veterans and other patients suffering from neurological disease,” said their spokesperson.

Although medical technologies have advanced in recent years, the neurological health research field has faced a number of challenges. Inaccessible data and lack of repositories have been the most prominent hurdles. MemoryMD’s medical device portfolio and neural net algorithms can revolutionize the diagnosis of neurological disorders. MemoryMD is marketing their innovative solutions outside of traditional neurology to pain clinics, primary care physicians, sports trainers, addiction clinics and other medical professionals.

Their mission is to assist individuals affected by neurological conditions by making diagnoses and evaluation simpler. MemoryMD aims to increase collaborative efforts and accessibility of medical technologies that were once restricted to hospital settings. The company currently centralizes brain images and clinical data for remote monitoring by board certified neurologists. In the future, they seek to build the largest repository of brain data, helping practitioners gain contextualized insights into patient health. The applicability of their solutions for better detection and management of veteran health has allowed them to fulfill Brain Trust’s evaluation criteria.

“With this conference, we hope to bring to light our innovative health solutions, especially in sectors where experienced neurologists are not available to evaluate TBI cases in a timely manner. Our data can offer helpful insights,” concluded their spokesperson.

The company is focusing on multiple neurological conditions, including concussions, addiction, and epilepsy. The conference will be held on May 17th and 18th, 2017 at the Joseph B. Martin Center at Harvard Medical School.

About the Company

MemoryMD is a Silicon Valley-based technology firm, with over 20 years of combined experience in artificial intelligence, brain analysis, and deep learning. The company has introduced two portable products, NeuroEEG and NeuroCap that are clinical grade EEG technologies. They help leverage a cloud-based neurologist network to evaluate various neurological health conditions.

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