Medical Concierge Services Fighting To Care for Patients the Industry Has Left With Little to No Options.

1 May, 2017 In a striking research published in The Lancet Oncology   it’s revealed that 50.9% of cancer patients die within the first 30 days after taking chemotherapy. The research indicates that the cause of such deaths is not the cancer but rather the conventional mode of treatment used- chemotherapy. This means one out of every two people will likely die in most hospitals. This is a trend in the medical industry that is not being discussed about as it may reveal the high level of danger and incompetence in using most conventional way of treating cancer patients.

We’ve all seen the standard of care that passes for “modern” medicine:  sick people are getting sicker while the chemo drip takes away their vitality, their hair, and their hope. Traditional medicine today isn’t working in so many areas and yet we turn to it again and again particularly when it comes to fighting cancer, only because people are left without any option than to yield to the conventional ways of treating cancer. 

With cancer eating up so many lives in the United States and across the world, there exists today a self-serving cancer establishments that controls what information and treatments about cancer are made available to the public.

According to the standard set by these entities, only surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and gene therapy should be used for the treatment of cancer. Everything else has been branded “unaccepted,” non-effective,” or “quackery” despite the massive evidences to the contrary. To the cancer establishment, however, that doesn’t matter, it’s “their way” and obviously, the path they are taking us down leads too often to needless suffering and death. Because cancer is Big Business, they tend not to be interested in any approach that could potentially threaten their profits.

They evenattack doctors who try to really help people. Taking this as an example, Dr. Ben Johnson a dedicated provider who visit homes as a concierge cancer care provider and caretaker. He also provides integrative alternative treatments to people who want something that goes above and beyond typical medicine. Dr. Ben’s approach focuses on noninvasive treatments that helps heal up the body and increase the quality of life. Presently, the San Diego Board is trying to take his license.

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If we are truly to win the war on cancer, something must be done fast about the above facts to effect a change.

While many larger medical organizations have legal teams and PR firms many smaller concerns are finding themselves using Medical Marketing Services and Reputation Management Options like and MyUSA Media Group to counteract the negative attacks from the “conventional” media.

After much debate and research the public would much rather everyone interested in fighting and or treating cancer conventional or otherwise should be working towards better treatment and one day we may see a cure for this horrible ailment., rather than trying to eliminate any positive option like Dr, Ben Johnson’s integrated cancer care.

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