On Friday may 12, 2017, fitrospect.com looks to shake up the online Fitness Community

The company is targeting the everyday fitness enthusiast. “Often, we see professional bodybuilders and fitness models on the internet and they’re already in peak physical condition at the time of the video/photoshoot. We want to put greater emphasis on the actual process it takes to get there.” 

Fitrospect.com will feature daily training, nutrition, supplement, and motivation articles for users to promote healthy lifestyle choices to gain additional “fitrospect”. The website will also house an online store that will carry an array of mainstream nutrition supplements; some of these brands include, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, BPI and MuscleTech to name a few. “We also wanted to enter this market to compete. Statistically, many nutrition supplement consumers are individuals who are in college, or just finished college. To help them achieve their physical goals, we wanted to provide a selection of supplements that will benefit our customers by providing a quality product with an affordable pricing structure.”

After the initial website launch, Fitrospect will also launch a what’s said to be a “cutting-edge” community interaction forum within the site, specifically geared towards millennials. “We’ve done a ton of research on users in this space, we want to offer a cleaner experience. We value what has worked for other companies. Our goal is to model that success, re-develop it, and make it our own.”

The midnight launch on May 12, 2017 will also feature what Fitrospect.com calls, “some of the most competitive pricing of the year”. An additional launch perk will be free domestic shipping on all orders.

“Having Fitrospect allow’s one to examine his/her own physical reality. Whether it be to lose weight, develop a better physique, or just to live a longer and more productive life, Fitrospect is more than a brand, it’s a way of life.”

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