Help Bring Back Playtime with the Hoblen Constructive Toy

Nowadays, real toys have been lost due to the increasing presence of electronic entertainment available to kids. Here to change that is a new name in construction sets: Hoblen.

Playing with toys is an integral part of every child’s life. The plastic playthings and fantastic imaginary adventures they partake in form some of the child’s most precious memories, which in turn are incredibly influential in their further development as a person. Therefore, having high-quality toys that foster creativity and fun are important, and should be prioritized as such. Sadly, many children nowadays don’t have these incredible adventures and fond memories of toys, as they play video games instead of the toys that were once so important to being a kid. Luckily there exist companies dedicated to bringing back the lost joy of toys. One such company has developed Hoblen, a brand new kind of toy that promises restore fun and creativity to playtime. 

Hoblen Hoblen

Hoblen is a completely innovative take on the “construction toy” subset of children’s play things. The entire series is based on nature and fairies, which is supposed to invoke feelings of being in a “magical world” and foster the creativity seen in nature. This contrasts with other “construction toys,” which often focus on machines or architecture with set plans, stifling creativity. Also, instead of relying on bricks or instructions that restrict the creativity of the builder, Hoblen features a circular design that leaves the building space open to the child. Additionally, Hoblen is fully modular, which means that every piece can be put together, some in multiple ways. This allows children to fully explore the capabilities of the toy and their minds, as the only thing limiting their builds is their own imaginations. Furthering this idea of imagination being the only limiting factor in the child’s builds, Hoblen features no instruction booklets, leaving the builds design completely up to the kid. 

Hoblen Hoblen

With pre-production wrapping up and designs finalized, Hoblen has only one final roadblock to surpass before hitting the public: funding. Building the molds for each piece will require a few months of time, which in turn will end up costing a lot of money. In order to help remove some of the risks behind this momentous, the team behind Hoblen has turned to Kickstarter, in the hopes that people will see the immense potential it holds for bringing fun and creativity back to toys. So with reader support, Hoblen will have the funding necessary to continue on to production. From there, Hoblen can finally reach the public, allowing it to revitalize playtime for a whole new generation of children.

Hoblen Hoblen

 For more information, visit the Hoblen Kickstarter page.

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